10 Reasons Your Cat Makes the Purrfect Valentine

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We all have different ideas about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you’re surprising your significant other with a present they’ve been wanting. Perhaps you’re planning a romantic dinner with the one you love. Or maybe you aren’t looking to do much at all. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered, because Kitty is always worth celebrating and makes the purrfect Valentine!

Here are the top 10 reasons why your cat makes the perfect date this Valentine’s Day:


1. Cats don’t ask you to share your chocolates (they shouldn’t have it anyway), and they won’t judge you if you polish off an entire box (or two).

2. Messy folks, you don’t have to panic that your place isn’t presentable. There’s no need for the last minute vacuum. Vacuums really freak cats out.

3. You can give your cat a paper bag and they’ll be amused for hours. The same can’t be said for most dates.

The future called.

4. Cats don’t care if you’re dressed to impress. You don’t have to purchase a new dress or squeeze into Spanx. You don’t even have to wash your hair. Treat them to a couple new toys (these pom poms scream Valentine’s Day), be generous with the belly rubs, and you’re good to go.

5. You can pick the same movie and snacks from last year. Your cat won’t pout.

6. You won’t spend the night worrying about or waiting for a proposal. Cats don’t know how to hide rings in desserts.

7. There’s no chance that a poorly thought out comment will result in an argument and ruin the evening. Your cat might storm off, but it’s definitely not because you were talking about your ex.

8. Cats make the best cuddle buddies. Cuddles from people are pretty good too, but cats take up zero room.

9. You won’t get frustrated when your date leaves the toilet seat up. Kitty will just use their Litter-Robot.

10. If you find yourself looking for a date, call your local shelter to see if you can foster a friend for a bit. Highly encouraged with cats, frowned upon with humans.

What would you add to the list?


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