Litter-Robot 3 vs 4 - which one is the best Litter-Robot?
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Litter-Robot 3 vs 4 – What Really Changed?

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So, you’re looking to upgrade to a self-cleaning litter box. You’ve done your research and know that you want to go with the highest-rated product on the market, used by more than a million pet parents around the globe: Litter-Robot. We applaud your good decision-making!

But which Litter-Robot model is right for you and your cat? Litter-Robot 3 and its smart counterpart Litter-Robot 3 Connect have been around for nearly a decade and garnered 17,000+ 5-star reviews. With the debut of Litter-Robot 4 in 2022, many pet parents are wondering: What changed? Which Litter-Robot is the best? Is the upgrade to Litter-Robot 4 truly worth it? 

Let’s answer these questions and more in our comparison of Litter-Robot 3 vs 4 below.

Design and construction

Litter-Robot represents modern pet care at its finest. The best automatic litter box has a sleek, futuristic design that many pet parents are proud to showcase in their home—despite the fact that it’s their cat’s bathroom! Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades of Litter-Robot 4.

Wider globe opening

litter robot 3 vs 4 - opening size difference

The Litter-Robot 4 globe has a 15.75’’W opening compared to Litter-Robot 3’s 10.25’’W opening. This presents a more inviting feel for cats that may initially be skeptical of using a covered litter box

Larger waste drawer

litter robot 3 vs 4 - waste drawer size improved on litter robot 4

The Litter-Robot 4 waste drawer is 20 percent larger than Litter-Robot 3’s. Because it holds more waste, you’ll empty the waste drawer less often, making Litter-Robot 4 even more hands-off than its predecessors.

Extra-durable globe liner

litter robot 3 vs 4 - extra durable globe liner of litter robot 4

Many cats like to dig around in their litter, and some even dig their claws into the Litter-Robot globe liner. Litter-Robot 4 features an extra-durable globe liner that provides better protection from a cat’s scratching. 

More customization

litter robot 3 vs 4 - more color options for litter robot 4

While Litter-Robot 3 Connect comes in beige or grey, Litter-Robot 4 comes in white or black—plus an array of bezel colors and patterns. You can truly make Litter-Robot 4 your own


Litter-Robot 4 provides many functional benefits over its predecessors, particularly if you have multiple cats.

Cat weight monitoring

litter robot 3 vs 4 - litter robot 4 weight tracking functionality

Every time your cat uses Litter-Robot 4, the integrated SmartScale® weighs them and records that information in the Whisker app. The app charts your cat’s daily weight over time, so you can keep tabs on their health.

Multi-cat recognition

Litter-robot 4 - multi cat recognition functionality

Thanks to SmartScale®, pet parents with multiple cats can now identify when each of their cats uses Litter-Robot 4. How does it work? Just set up a pet profile for each of your cats in the Whisker app, as Litter-Robot 4’s weight sensor technology detects the weight of individual cats that weigh a difference of 1 or more pounds. 

SmartScale® analyzes individual weight data and automatically displays it in your pet profile. See when each cat used Litter-Robot 4 and track their weight over time. 

Real-time litter and waste levels

Litter robot 3 vs 4 - litter robot 4 real time litter and waste levels

Both Litter-Robot 3 Connect and Litter-Robot 4 users can view their unit’s waste drawer levels in the app, but Litter-Robot 4 also displays real-time litter levels. You can see if the litter level is optimal and know when it’s time to top it off. And, of course, all Litter-Robot models alert you when the waste drawer is full.


Litter-Robot offers impressive odor control—we are dealing with cat poop, after all. Let’s see how Litter-Robot 4 upped the ante and if it's the best automatic litter box in that regard. 

Odor management

All Litter-Robot models have a fully enclosed waste drawer and carbon filter that reduces odors. Litter-Robot 4’s waste drawer is also tightly sealed, providing maximum odor control. The integrated OdorTrap® system allows pet parents to easily add (optional) OdorTrap® Packs to their unit, which use natural chemistry to eliminate odors.

Quiet operation

With QuietSift® technology, Litter-Robot 4 cleaning cycles are discreet and less likely to bother skittish cats. Plus, you can keep your Litter-Robot in any room of the house without worrying about the noise (or the smell!).


Our patented sifting technology is what makes Litter-Robot, Litter-Robot. This is the core of our product and why it’s such an effective (not to mention highly rated) self-cleaning solution for cats. But how has Litter-Robot 4 improved upon its other integrated technologies?  

Advanced SafeCat system with OmniSense® detection

All Litter-Robot models have weight-activated technology that detects when cats enter and exit the globe. Litter-Robot 4 advances this safety system with additional laser detection in multiple zones. 

Low-dust litter-sifting technology

low-dust litter-sifting technolgy of litter robot 4 compared to litter robot 3

The enhanced litter-sifting technology of Litter-Robot 4 limits dust and ensures a clean place for your cat’s paws. Especially when used with low-dust cat litter, you won’t have to worry about your cat tracking litter around the house.

Is it worth upgrading to Litter-Robot 4?

That is the million-dollar question. (Well, more like the $699 question.) Considering the upgraded features and new technology outlined above, is it still worth it to pay more for Litter-Robot 4?

What pet parents say

We’ll let our customers do the talking.

As of this writing, Litter-Robot 4 has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, with 4,000+ 5-star reviews. Pet parents say it is “life-changing,” “a game changer,” and “expensive but worth it.” 

Forbes reviewer Lindsay Boyers compares the two models in her March 2024 writeup. As a user of Litter-Robot 3 Connect and later Litter-Robot 4, she ultimately calls Litter-Robot 4 a “massive upgrade.” 

"Litter-Robot 4 is considerably better with odor control, plus it holds more waste and is much quieter, which I believe are worth the extra cost." - Lindsay Boyers for Forbes

Even the Reddit community agrees that Litter-Robot 4 is worth the upgrade. Users say that it is quieter, it’s easier to replace the waste drawer liner, and the larger opening is better for their cats.

Cost and value 

At $699, Litter-Robot 4 is more expensive than its predecessors. (Litter-Robot 3 is $499 and Litter-Robot 3 Connect is $549.) Many pet parents agree that the $150 price difference between the smart models is small compared to the number of upgrades received. 

Then there are the long-term cost benefits of owning any Litter-Robot model: saving money on cat litter and—arguably the most precious commodity of all—saving time. Due to the efficient litter-sifting process, pet parents report using up to 50 percent less cat litter when compared to a traditional litter box. And dropping the daily chore of scooping the litter box? Invaluable.

Despite that, cost is a very important factor in the decision-making process. Here are a few examples of when purchasing Litter-Robot 3 might be preferable to Litter-Robot 4:

  • You only have one cat
  • You don’t want to use an app
  • A slightly louder motor won’t bother you or your cat

Recap: Litter-Robot 3 vs 4 at-a-glance

Still wondering which Litter-Robot is the best for you? If you’re looking for a simple way to compare Litter-Robot 4 vs 3, check out our infographics below and our complete Litter-Robot comparison page.

litter robot 3 vs 4 at a glance

While Litter-Robot 3 offers a slightly lower price, Litter-Robot 4's upgrades, including multi-cat recognition, QuietSift® cleaning cycles, and enhanced SafeCat technology, make the upgrade worth it. Plus, considering the improvements made to the waste drawer, which is now larger and tightly sealed, upgrading to Litter-Robot 4 presents very few downsides.

Where to buy Litter-Robot

Litter-Robot is now available both locally and internationally! Visit our international page to find all the countries we deliver to and our authorized resellers, or visit our official sites:

You can also find Litter-Robot near you with our local retailers including Best Buy, PetSmart, Hollywood Feed, Chewy, and Costco.