Best Recipes For Cat Treats
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Best Recipes For Cat Treats

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You love your cat and want to dote on it with affection, right? Sure you do! And what better way to show your love than to give it a little treat. There are certainly some good store-bought treats, but here are just a few recipes from Simply Pets for cat treats that you can easily whip up yourself. And your cat will surely love you for making that extra effort!

Homemade Salmon Cat Treats

Here’s a delicious way to infuse a little genuine salmon into your cat’s diet, if only occasionally. And your cat will surely enjoy it!

    • Cooked salmon
    • Store-bought cat treat
    • Dry cat food
    • Cut a smallish piece of cooked, but moist salmon
    • Push your cat’s favorite treat into the moist salmon
    • Crumble and sprinkle some dry cat food over the salmon


Tuna & Fowl Combo Treats

Another creative treat that will have your cat purring up a storm, not to mention enjoying some real tuna and fowl!

    • 1 can drained tuna
    • 1/2 cup cut turkey/chicken
    • 2/3 cup dry cat food
    • Thoroughly mix all ingredients into small bowl
    • Form mixture into small balls, cubes, etc.
    • Chill for 1 hour. Then crumble and sprinkle breadcrumbs, dry cat food, etc.


Honey & Tuna Casserole

Here’s a sweet and savory snack that might just become your cat’s new favorite. You’ll have to try it out and see what your cat thinks of the honey!

    • 1 can tuna
    • 1 t honey
    • A modest amount of cat’s favorite food and anything else (be creative!)
    • Simply combine together and feed!

There are plenty more where those came from, but you’ve got to start somewhere. See how your cat likes these and then get a little more adventurous. Mainly, though, enjoy yourself, because the process should be as fun for you as it will be delicious for your cat!