How to Find the Right Veterinarian for Your Cat
Finding the right veterinarian is essential to your cat’s lifelong health and happiness. It’s common to go to the cheapest or the closest office—two important factors—but you should consider more than price and convenience when choosing your pet’s doctor. Think about how you choose your own doctors. Health insurance aside, would you go to the cheapest one? Maybe, but
Should you declaw your cat?
Once considered a safe and routine procedure, views on declawing are changing. In fact, the evidence against elective declawing is overwhelming. Over the past few decades, unwanted cat scratching and destructive behavior has been met with the recommendation for onychectomy, or declawing surgery. It is often packaged as a deal when you take your new kitten to
Why is my cat so aggressive?
When you first brought your cat home, she was probably a shy, playful little kitten. Play time with your pet was enjoyable and downright adorable. Your tiny kitty was infatuated with you and fascinated by the fluttering movements of your fingers and toes. Her pouncing was cute and playful. So small and innocent, you never
Why Does My Cat Purr?
You love when your cat curls up next to you and starts to purr incessantly. But we sort of only assume that pleasure is what’s giving way to that odd, mysterious vibrating deep within our feline companions. What’s really causing your cat to purr like a small, yet consistent motor? That is still not entirely
How To Fix Or Address Cat’s ‘Marking Behavior’
You cat has a biological instinct driving it to mark its territory and stake its claim by rubbing, scratching and, most problematically, urinating on various things in your home. Though this is a perfectly natural occurrence, it’s one that we’re sure you,...
Cat Quotations: Famous Words On Cats
Cats have long had a very profound influence on humankind, and there are more than a few rather poignant quotations from some serious thinkers on the topic of cats. Here are just a few…   Robert A. Heinlein “Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used
Best Cat Urine Cleaner
No matter how well-trained your cat is, you’re bound to run into the occasional accident. These incidents can be caused by any number of issues, and it’s best to consult your veterinarian if the incidents persist. Before you go pouring bleach all over your home, throwing furniture away and ripping up carpeting, take a look
Cat Rescue: Preparing For Adoption
Looking for a new addition to the family, but not yet ready for one with opposable thumbs? Adopting a kitten, or even an adult cat, is a great way to find love and companionship that might make you and a feline friend very happy. Here’s a little insight into how to go about the process
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