Cat Litter Box Solutions
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Cat Litter Box Solutions

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You only need solutions when there’s a problem, and if you’ve got a problem with your cat using its litter box, then you’re going to need some good solutions and you’re going to need them fast. Here are some common tips on how to make both you and your kitty happy when it comes to where business is done.

Finding The Best Location For Your Cat Litter Box

You know where you’d like to keep the litter box: as far away from anywhere you’re likely to go in your house as possible, right? Though the basement or laundry room might seem like good locations to you, the best location for your cat’s litter box is actually where the cat wants it, and you may not realize just what your cat’s thinking when it comes to where it wants to relieve itself. Your intuition is right if you supposed that a “clean, quiet and low-traffic area” is your cat’s preferred litter box location. And, according to a very resourceful piece from Animal Planet, it’s best to avoid putting stairs between your cat and its litter box (especially for kittens), avoid tight spaces that might make your cat feel vulnerable, and, or course, don’t go moving the box around after you’ve chosen a location. Once you find the perfect place to keep the litter box in your house, your cat will surely be happy, and a happy cat means a happy owner.

Making Sure The Litter Box Location Is Well-Ventilated

Not that there’s too much you can do about this, but when looking for a spot to compromise – because that’s really what it is, a compromise – with your cat, you should not discount the importance of ventilation, or at least some moving air. We’ve already established that tight spots aren’t going to be agreeable to your kitty, and, after not too long, you’ll find them disagreeable, too. Even if there’s not a directly opposing window scheme to offer the perfect cross breeze, you can still consider the size of the room or area, how contained that space is, and, finally, how often anything stirs the air in this particular part of your home. Trust us on this one, and your time scooping will be much more pleasant.

Choose The Best Litter For Your Litter Box

We’ve touched on it some, but you can’t speak enough about the quality of your kitty litter. Whether you go deodorized or not, course or fine, clay or sand, bulk or boutique, there’s one factor that takes precedent when making this decision, and that’s how your kitty likes the litter you put in its litter box. Though there are a great deal of options out there, and very subtle differences between any of them, you can always be safe in choosing our tried and true Litter Robot Brand premium clumping litter. Again, whatever you wind up with, it’s most important that your cat is content, because, well, we don’t want to go into too much graphic detail here, but we’re sure you get the picture. Have a lovely [whatever time of day your enjoying this article], and we’ll look forward to chatting with you next time!


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