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Litterbox. com Brand All Natural Clumping Litter

Price: $25.00

Litterbox. com Brand All Natural Clumping Litter is simply sun-dried sodium bentonite—a naturally-occurring clay from the plains of Wyoming. Sodium bentonite naturally exhibits many of the scent-trapping properties of baking soda and the dried clay is screened for ideal particle size to reduce dust. It’s naturally unscented, odor-trapping, hard-clumping, non-tracking, and it's 99% dust-free.

  • Sizes: 20lb Box (single 20lb bag), 40lb Box (two 20lb bags), and 60 lb Box (three 20lb bags)
  • Ingredient: Natural sodium bentonite
  • Free shipping via FEDEX to the contiguous 48 United States
  • Note: Litter is shipped separate from other items 
Free Shipping On Order!
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