Keep Your Litter-Robot in Top Shape (Even After Warranty)
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Keep Your Litter-Robot in Top Shape (Even After Warranty)

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Litter-Robot is backed by our WhiskerCare™ 1-Year Warranty and you have the option to extend this for 3 years of coverage. During the warranty period, Whisker will repair your Litter-Robot at no charge, including free shipping both ways. But what happens if you need service or a repair after the warranty period ends?

True to our mission to provide high-quality products that are built to last, Whisker designed the Litter-Robot so its components can be repaired or replaced as they wear or if something happens. When your warranty expires, you can keep your Litter-Robot functioning like new by troubleshooting to figure out which part you need, purchasing it from our website, and either installing it yourself or sending it in for service.

How Do I Know What to Repair?

If your Litter-Robot isn't working like it used to, visit our Support page to identify what the issue might be, or contact Customer Experience at 1-877-250-7729 or

Repair and Replacement

Each part includes an installation guide that walks you through what you'll need to do to remove the old part and install the new one. You can also download the installation guide from the product page.

Even better, you can go to our YouTube Customer Support channel to watch instructional videos that make it easy to do repairs at home. We continue to add to the playlist to help answer questions, so if you're curious about something, leave us a note in the comments!

Three Essential Parts to Keep Working Like New

1. Main Circuit Board

Litter-Robot Open Air Circuit Board

The Circuit Board is the brains of the operation. If your unit's Circuit Board fails, order a new one for Litter-Robot 3 or Litter-Robot 3 Connect and check out the installation video.

2. The DFI Kit

Litter-Robot Open Air DFI Kit

The Drawer Full Indicator lets you know when it's time to empty the waste drawer. If it fails, order a replacement here and check out the installation video.

3. The Motor Assembly

Litter-Robot Motor Assembly
The Motor Assembly is essential for the unit to cycle. If it fails, order a replacement part here and view this installation video.

You can find other components on our website here.

During the warranty period, we'll gladly fix anything that goes wrong—and when the warranty expires, we'll still be here to help you keep your Litter-Robot in great working order for years to come!