Medium Cat Breeds

  1. Burmilla cat

    Burmilla Cat Breed Profile

    The Burmilla cat is an easygoing and friendly mix of the Persian and Burmese breeds...
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  2. red Javanese cat

    Javanese Cat Breed Profile

    The Javanese is a color subdivision of the Balinese cat, taking after the Colorpoint Shorthair and the Siamese...
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  3. Colorpoint Shorthair cat

    Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    The Colorpoint Shorthair cat resembles the Siamese but with 16 non-traditional coat colors. Learn more about these...
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  4. Donskoy cat

    Donskoy Cat Breed Profile

    The Donskoy is a hairless cat that is outgoing, playful, and affectionate. Learn about life with this breed...
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  5. American Wirehair cat

    American Wirehair Cat Breed Profile

    American Wirehair cats stand out with their rough, wiry coats and playful demeanor. Learn more about this rare but...
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  6. Snowshoe cat outside

    Snowshoe Cat Breed Profile

    The Snowshoe cat is recognized for their four distinct white paws and loving attitude. Learn about this family-oriented...
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  7. Lykoi cat

    Lykoi Cat Breed Profile

    The Lykoi cat is a unique breed that resembles an adorable werewolf. Learn about these outgoing cats here...
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  8. Manx cat

    Manx Cat Breed Profile

    Manx cats are recognized for their lack of tails and easygoing attitudes. Learn about this unique breed here...
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  9. Peterbald cat outside on a leash

    Peterbald Cat Breed Profile

    The Peterbald cat is an enchanting breed known for their big personalities and hairlessness, though their coat differs...
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  10. orange tabby American Bobtail cat

    American Bobtail Cat Breed Profile

    American Bobtail cats are known for their short tails, lovable personalities, and mild manners. Learn more about...
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  11. Nebelung cat lying on cat bed

    Nebelung Cat Breed Profile

    The Nebelung cat is a gorgeous blue-silver, long-haired breed with a sweet and loyal personality. Discover more here...
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  12. Toyger cat next to scratching post

    Toyger Cat Breed Profile

    The Toyger cat is a tiger-resembling sweetheart that wants to spend time with their humans. Learn more about these...
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  13. Somali cat with green eyes

    Somali Cat Breed Profile

    The Somali is a regal and fiercely beautiful cat breed that loves to play and spend time with their people. Learn...
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