Cat Breeds

  1. Balinese cat

    Balinese Cat Breed Profile

    The Balinese cat is a loving and outgoing breed that closely resembles the Siamese. Learn more about this silky-coated feline today.
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  2. Birman cat outside on fence post

    Birman Cat Breed Profile

    The ancient Birman cat is elegant and poised, with a striking long colorpoint coat and sapphire eyes. Read more about this once-worshiped cat breed!
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  3. orange and white Exotic Shorthair cat lying upside down

    Exotic Shorthair Personality: How Do Exotic Shorthairs Act?

    The Exotic Shorthair is a mellow yet playful cat that loves spending time with their family. Learn why these cuties can be the perfect pet.
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  4. Abyssinian cat looking over shoulder

    Abyssinian Cat Breed Profile

    Looking for a playful, intelligent, and elegant kitty that might have been worshipped by the ancient Egyptians? Meet the Abyssinian cat.
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  5. three white Oriental Shorthair kittens

    How Long Do Oriental Shorthair Cats Live?

    With ample exercise, proper nutrition, and unconditional love, your Oriental Shorthair cat can live a long and happy life. Learn more here.
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  6. cream-colored Devon Rex cat

    Devon Rex Cat Breed Profile

    The Devon Rex is a playful, lovable, and unique cat that will keep you entertained at all times of the day. Learn more about this fun and sprightly feline!
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  7. Himalayan cat

    Himalayan Cat Breed Profile

    The lovable, fluffy Himalayan cat will cuddle up next to you after playing fetch. Discover more about these intelligent cats and how to keep them healthy.
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  8. orange and white Exotic Shorthair cat with bell collar

    How Long Do Exotic Shorthair Cats Live?

    The Exotic Shorthair cat needs lots of love and attention, proper nutrition, and daily enrichment. Find out how long these cats live here.
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  9. Bombay cat with tail in the air

    Bombay Cat Breed Profile

    The Bombay cat is a friendly and affectionate kitty that closely resembles a miniature panther. Learn about this striking, loyal companion.
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  10. Sphynx cat crouching

    What Is a Sphynx Cat and How Big Do They Get?

    Learn more about the hairless Sphynx cat—a medium-sized, loving, playful, and talkative indoor cat with unique features that help them stand out.
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  11. American Shorthair cat lying on floor

    American Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    The American Shorthair cat is strong, hard-working, and gets along happily in families. Meet America's first cat, a loyal and intelligent companion!
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  12. Bengal cat on paper bag

    Bengal Cat Personality: How Do Bengal Cats Act?

    The Bengal cat is a fun-loving, energetic breed that thrives on attention. They may look like wild animals, but find out just how loving they are.
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  13. Russian Blue cat crouching on carpet

    Russian Blue Cat Breed Profile

    The Russian Blue sports a unique blue coat and bright green eyes. These cats love their humans and are somewhat shy with strangers. Learn more here!
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Whisker’s guide to cat breeds 

Looking to learn more about your cat’s breed, or just curious to explore cat breeds in general? Discover dozens of articles about breeds of cats on the Litter-Robot blog. You’ll learn more about their physical traits, behaviors, personalities, energy levels, lifespans, and history, as well as how big different cat breeds grow to be. If you’re looking to start or add to your pet family, these guides can help you make a decision about which cat breed to adopt.

Perhaps you’re fascinated by the most popular cat breeds (who isn’t?)—read all about them on our Litter-Robot cat breed guide! Or if you’d like to delve deeper into specific breeds, we’ve got you covered. Check out profiles on the mighty Maine Coon and exotic Bengal, the fluffy Ragdoll and ancient Siamese. The list goes on!

Not sure what you’re looking for? We’ve rounded up our fair share of breeds in similar categories. (Can you tell we love felines?) Prepare to be impressed by large cat breeds, including the Savannah cat, Maine Coon, and more. Get the facts on hypoallergenic cat breeds like the Siberian and the Balinese cat. Ooh and aah over beautiful long-haired cat breeds, from the Persian to the Norwegian Forest cat. And gawk at hairless cat breeds like the Sphynx (you don’t need fur to be fabulous!). 

Obsessed with just how many colors and patterns cats can display? So are we. Delve into the wild with exotic cat breeds, from the Bengal to the Egyptian Mau. Feast your eyes on the sheer spectrum of coat markings with tabby cat breeds, including the American Shorthair and the Abyssinian cat. Embrace the timeless sheen of grey cat breeds like the Russian Blue. Marvel over orange cat breeds, which appear in pop culture more than most kitty colors! And don't forget about black and white cat breeds, otherwise known as tuxedo cats. 

While some cat breeds are very adaptable, others thrive in specific environments. Understanding more about the cats you are considering adopting can help you decide what cats will work best with your lifestyle.