Cat Facts

  1. white Maine Coon cat

    How Big Is a Maine Coon Cat?

    The Maine Coon cat is the largest domestic cat breed that is native to the United States. Read about these bright companions and big snuggle buddies!
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  2. grey Oriental Shorthair cat

    Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    Oriental Shorthair cats are a distinct, intelligent, and loving breed that do best when they have a furry friend. Learn more about these devoted and spunky cats!
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  3. British Shorthair cat lying on table

    British Shorthair Personality: How Do British Shorthairs Act?

    The British Shorthair is amicable and affectionate once they’ve opened up to you. Learn more about these easygoing companions.
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  4. white Exotic Shorthair cat with bow-tie

    Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    The Exotic Shorthair cat, known as the “Lazy Man’s Persian” is a family-friendly, laid-back breed. Learn about their superb personality and adorable features.
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  5. Bengal cat lying belly up

    How Big Does a Bengal Cat Get?

    Curious to know how big a Bengal cat will be as an adult? Learn about the breed's size, habits, and how to care for these amazing cats.
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  6. Sphynx cat sun-bathing

    Sphynx Cat Personality and Traits: How Do Sphynxes Act?

    The Sphynx cat isn’t just captivating because of their hairlessness. Discover this friendly, loyal, energetic, and mischievous companion.
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  7. White Munchkin cat lying on couch arm

    Munchkin Cat Breed Profile

    The Munchkin cat breed, while adorable and small, is active, playful, and inquisitive. For a family-friendly feline, the Munchkin is a top pick.
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  8. Three British Shorthair cats with Litter-Robot

    Litter-Robot Cat Breed Guide: Facts About Your Favorite Cat Breeds

    Read our cat breed guide to learn about the most popular domesticated cats, including Maine Coon, Bengal, Siamese, Persian, Ragdoll, and more!
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  9. white Scottish Fold cat

    Scottish Fold Cat Breed Profile

    The Scottish Fold cat is a loyal and affectionate breed from Scotland, with iconic folded ears and wide eyes that convey a sweet charisma.
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  10. British Shorthair cat lying on couch

    British Shorthair Cat Breed Profile

    This undemanding breed is famous for many reasons! Read all about the iconic British Shorthair cat and see if one is right for you and your family.
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  11. brown tabby Siberian cat

    Siberian Cat Breed Profile

    Discover how this powerful cat native to the forests of Siberia transformed into an amazing family companion full of love, loyalty, and affection.
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  12. Brown tabby Norwegian Forest cat

    Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Profile

    The strong-boned, laid-back, and loving Norwegian Forest cat will wow you with their intelligence and adaptability. Meet your new best friend.
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  13. Bengal cat sitting on pink chair

    Bengal Cat Breed Profile

    The Bengal cat is an exotic-looking breed that is active, friendly, and loving with their humans. Find out how to keep this kitty healthy and happy.
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