Why is my cat so aggressive?
When you first brought your cat home, she was probably a shy, playful little kitten. Play time with your pet was enjoyable and downright adorable. Your tiny kitty was infatuated with you and fascinated by the fluttering movements of your fingers and toes. Her pouncing was cute and playful. So small and innocent, you never
Honoring Those Who Serve
As Memorial Day approaches, Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. would like to hear your story about a special soldier you know past or present. E-mail us your story at The stories will be posted on our blog. One random winner will be chosen to win a new Litter-Robot™. The winner will be announced on May
Honoring Brendon Langless
I am thinking of my niece’s husband, Brendon, this Memorial Day.  This young man will be going to Afghanistan in June for his first tour.  He has a 2 1/2 year old daughter who adores him and will miss him during his 13 month absence.  I know a lot of young men and women have
Honoring Don Phillips
I will be honoring my father, Don Phillips, on Memorial Day.  He served during WWII in the Army Core of Engineers.  He was pulled from MIT half way through his college training to serve as an Engineer.  He was stationed in the Pacific and finished his WWII time in Japan during the reconstruction.  Although he
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