Cat Training

  1. two orange tabby kittens learning to use the litter box

    How to Litter Train a Kitten in 5 Easy Steps

    Teaching your kitten to use the litter box isn’t very difficult, but it is essential. Learn how to litter box train...
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  2. tuxedo cat and orange tabby cat cuddling in multi-cat home

    Managing a Multi-Cat Household: Tips and Strategies

    Essential tips for a multi-cat home: how to introduce cats, avoid fights, choose the best litter box & more...
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  3. kitten on a bed

    How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Kittens

    Everything you need to know to choose the best litter box for kittens and kitten-safe litter...
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  4. calico cat knocking things over

    Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

    Surprise: They’re not JUST being jerks. Find out why cats like to knock things over...
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  5. long-haired orange tabby kitten

    Rehoming a Cat: When Is It Okay?

    A Certified Cat Behavior Consultant provides alternatives to rehoming a cat and explains how to responsibly rehome...
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  6. tortie cat and orange tabby cat play fighting

    Are My Cats Playing or Fighting? Cat Behavior Guide

    Cats play and fight in very similar ways. Body language and more will be able to tell you if your cats are playing...
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  7. tan bunny rabbit staring out window

    Do Cats and Bunnies Get Along? Can You Have a Bunny and a Cat?

    Do cats and rabbits get along? Under the right circumstances, yes. Learn why time of introduction, animal temperament...
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  8. Cat sleeping under a blanket

    My Cat Sleeps All Day: Is This Normal?

    You may have wondered before—is it normal if your cat sleeps all day? Find out why they do, and what you can do to...
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  9. tabby cat crying

    Signs of Cat Separation Anxiety and How To Deal With Them

    Some cats show signs of separation anxiety with their humans. Learn the signs and get tips on how to treat a cat...
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  10. Can You Train a Cat?

    Can You Train a Cat?

    If you’re a pet parent, you’ve probably questioned whether you can train your pet (and what kind of tricks you can...
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  11. Introducing a New Cat To Your Home

    Introducing a New Cat To Your Home

    Bringing a new cat into your home is exciting, but it can also be stressful for them to enter an unfamiliar space...
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  12. Can a Cat Be a Service Animal?

    Can a Cat Be a Service Animal?

    From the tombs of ancient Egypt to present-day social media, cats’ lengthy history alongside man as companion and...
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  13. grey tabby and orange tabby looking out windows

    Ask The Vet: How To Introduce Cats

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses how to introduce cats correctly so that they'll form a lifelong friendship. Most importantly...
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Cat training 101

Cat training can be difficult, but it’s not impossible! Get how-to guides on some of the most common cat situations and pet parent dilemmas.

For example, is your cat not using the litter box? Although most cats instinctively know how to use a litter box, you may need to revisit how to train a cat to use one appropriately. Our how-to guide will help you discover whether your cat’s litter box aversion is medical or behavioral. From there, we provide litter box solutions to help get your cat back on track. These include upgrading to a self-cleaning litter box, providing more than one litter box, and more.

Another popular cat training topic is how to introduce cats. Our veterinarian-written cat guide covers all the basics of introducing a new cat to your pet home. (Looking for a preview? The vet’s advice is to go slow. We’re not talking a few days here—we’re talking a few weeks!) This guide will help you learn how to recognize cat body language and give you tips on how to “set the mood” for introducing cats. You might also be wondering if your cats are playing or fighting, and, in a similar vein, how to prevent aggression in cats. Our cat training articles cover these topics and more!

Find out how to introduce a cat to a dog, as well as introducing your feline to other pet species in the house. (Namely, introducing cats to rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs!)

Check out behavioral cat guides, such as how to help your cat with separation anxiety. Learn how to ease your cat into a new routine, and get cat behaviorist-suggested tactics to alleviate cat separation anxiety.