Litter-Robot 3: Backup battery installation guide

The Litter-Robot 3 Backup Battery provides up to 48 hours of operation if power is interrupted. When power is interrupted, the unit will automatically switch to battery power and a yellow light will illuminate the Power button on the Control Panel.

To conserve energy, the night light will not function. Litter-Robot will switch back to household power when it returns, and the unit will begin recharging the battery.

Tools Needed:
Phillips-head screwdriver

1. Press the Power button to turn the unit off, then unplug the unit.

2. Remove the Bonnet and Globe.

3. Locate the unit serial number. It can be found on the inside back wall of the base, behind the waste drawer, or on the exterior backside of the Base, to the right of the power jack.

4. Gently turn the unit over to access the battery pocket on the underside of the Base.

5. According to the serial number, connect the battery leads as follows:

  • Serial numbers 934 and above: Connect the RED lead to the RED terminal. Connect the BLACK lead to the BLACK terminal.
  • Serial numbers 0-933: Connect the RED lead to the BLACK terminal. Connect the BLACK lead to the RED terminal.

6. Insert the battery into the pocket, so the connected side goes in the Base first.

7. Align the Retainer across the bottom of the battery and attach using screws provided.

8. Reassemble the Waste Drawer, Globe, and Bonnet, then plug the unit in and turn it on. 

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