Litter-Robot 3: Carbon filter installation

Further reduce unpleasant odors with a fresh carbon filter, compatible with any Litter-Robot 3 model.

Recommended: Replace carbon filters every month. 

Removing the carbon filter

  1. Pull out the waste drawer and locate the carbon filter in the front wall.
    Pulling the waste drawer out of Litter-Robot 3 to remove to carbon filter
  2. Push the top edge of the filter downward to free it from the hooks.
  3. Pull the filter out of the slot and discard it.

Installing the carbon filter

  1. In the front wall of the waste drawer, slide the new filter into the slot.
  2. Bend the top edge of the filter and slide it under each hook.Litter-Robot 3 Carbon filter in the waste drawer
  3. Adjust the filter, so it covers the front-facing vent completely.

Note: It is normal for the carbon filter to shed during installation. Simply wipe up or vacuum any debris.

Litter-Robot 3 carbon filter

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