Litter-Robot 3: Connect Base Upgrade Installation

The Litter-Robot 3 Connect Base is a WiFi-enabled base to remotely monitor and control your Litter-Robot 3 with the app.

1. Remove the bonnet and globe from your existing Litter-Robot 3.

2. Place the globe on the new base, making sure it's straight and in the tracks.

3. Place the bonnet on the new base by inserting the bonnet tabs into the rear bonnet slots, then press the latches while rotating it forward, until the latches click into place.

4. Ensure the key is inserted in the key pocket at the back of the unit.

5. To test installation, plug the unit in and allow it to run a clean cycle. Once the cycle is complete, long press the Cycle and Empty buttons at the same time. The Power button should light up with a white light followed by a blue light. This indicates that the unit is successfully transmitting wifi. To turn off wifi mode, press the Reset button. Now you're ready to get connected. Follow the Connect Quick Start Guide to onboard your Litter-Robot and connect to the app.

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