Litter-Robot 3: Fixing a loose gear

If your Litter-Robot is experiencing a free or loose spinning gear, and no globe movement, the set screw may have come loose.

Tools Needed:

  • 3mm Hex Wrench


  1. Turn off and unplug your Litter-Robot.
  2. Remove the bonnet and globe.
  3. Locate the black spur gear near the control panel of your Litter-Robot. Press on the gear. If it moves, you need to tighten the set screw.

Tightening the set screw

  1. Locate the shaft attached to the gear—this is where the set screw is located. If you can see the screw, skip to step 5.

  2. If you cannot see the screw, reinstall the bonnet back on the base without the globe. This will allow you to run the motor without obstructing your view of the gear.
  3. Turn on the power and watch for the flat side to rotate into the position that enables you access to the set screw. The flat side of the shaft will be facing you.
  4. Once aligned, turn off the power and unplug the unit.
  5. Using a 3mm hex wrench, tighten the set screw by turning it to the right.
  6. Attempt to move the gear with your fingers to assess if the screw is tightened enough. If the gear still moves, repeat step 5.
  7. Remove the bonnet if needed, then replace the globe and bonnet back on the base.
  8. At the back of the globe, turn the black key into the key pocket.

  9. Replace the bonnet by inserting the bonnet tabs into the rear bonnet slots, then press the latches while rotating it forward, until the latches click into place.

  10. Plug it in and turn the power on.

Successful: If your unit returns to the Home position and displays a blue light on the control panel, you've been successful.

Unsuccessful: If the globe still isn't turning, visit our Litter-Robot 3: Solid yellow light (No globe movement) article to continue troubleshooting.

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