Litter-Robot 3: Reinstalling the globe liner weight

During the shipping or cleaning process, the globe liner weight on your Litter-Robot 3 may become dislodged. This will be evident by a clunking or knocking noise in the globe while Litter-Robot 3 is cycling—this is the sound of the globe liner weight moving around. You may also notice that the globe liner is no longer dropping down in the middle of the cycle, resulting in litter clumps or waste sticking to the liner.

Disassembled globe liner weight installed in globe liner pocket 
Tools needed (optional):
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  1. Empty all litter from the globe by pressing the Empty button on the control panel. Once complete, brush any remaining litter through the waste port.
  2. Press the Reset button to return the globe to the home position.
  3. If you use the Whisker app, press Reset Gauge in the Controls section of the app any time you empty the waste drawer to reset the waste drawer level in the app.
  4. Wipe the globe down with Whisker’s Cleaner Spray or Cleaner Wipes. A paper towel and mild detergent or common pet-friendly household cleaners are safe to use.

    Do not use bleach, as this can cause the plastic to degrade.

  5. Peel the globe liner lip away from the bottom edge of the globe to access the weight and pocket underneath.

    Note: The globe liner weight is a disk-shaped weight about 3.5" in diameter.

  6. With one hand on each side of the globe’s center screw, reach under the globe liner to tuck the weight inside the liner pocket.

  7. Wrap the edges of the pocket around the entire weight until it’s secure (Note: Unassembled liner displayed below to show globe liner weight and pocket).

    Optional: If you’re having difficulty accessing the weight, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the bolt near the opening and the nut inside the globe.

  8. To reassemble, wrap the globe liner around the lip of the entryway.

    Optional: If you removed the bolt and nut, replace the screw through the existing hole from the underside of the globe and through the slit in the liner. Finish by fastening with the nut on the liner side.

  9. Refill the globe with litter to just below the raised fill line when spread flat.

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