Litter-Robot 4: Camera Mount Installation Guide

Litter-Robot 4 can be equipped with a webcam to further monitor your cats’ usage habits. Install your webcam of choice using our camera mount kit.

What’s included: (1) bracket, (1) hinge, (1) ring magnet, (1) 1/4"-20 nylon screw, (1) wire cover

  1. While facing your Litter-Robot 4, hook the camera mount bracket behind the bezel as shown.

  2. Snap the front of the bracket forward to secure it onto the bezel. (You will hear a snap.)

    NOTE: Ensure the bracket is positioned above (not obstructing) the lasers and is centered on the bezel.

  3. Mount the hinge by carefully snapping it onto the bracket. (This may require some force or twisting.) 

  4. You have two options for mounting your camera:

    • Use the included ring magnet: Add the magnet to the washer that is attached to the hinge, and check polarity with the magnet that comes with your camera – the magnets should stick together, not repel. 

    • Use the included 1/4"-20 nylon screw.

  5. Mount your camera to the hinge and plug it into the USB port behind the control panel.

    NOTE: The camera mount has many different configurations. Now would be a good time to check your desired camera angle. You can adjust the angle by flipping the hinge, flipping the side the magnet is on, or flipping the camera. Be careful not to pinch your fingers! 

  6. Route the camera wire through the channel and arrange the excess wire into a small, clean bundle as shown.

  7. Place the bundle of wire in the wire cover pocket and route the wire attached to the camera end through the slot.

    NOTE: Keep the bundle of wire as low as possible in the wire cover pocket to avoid interference with the bezel.

  8. While keeping the wire in the wire cover pocket, snap the wire cover onto the bracket using the slots provided. (Be careful not to dislodge the bracket from the bezel at this step.)

    NOTE: Ensure the wire cover sits cleanly on the bezel. If it does not, the wire may come loose from the wire cover pocket and interfere with the bezel.

  9. Setup complete! You are now ready to watch your kitties use Litter-Robot 4.

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