Litter-Robot 4: Features and Benefits

Litter-Robot takes the yucky task of scooping off your hands. Neutralize litter box odors, and give kitty a clean bed of litter every time with Litter-Robot 4. Elegantly designed to maximize comfort for cats of all sizes, Litter-Robot 4 features advanced litter-sifting technology, reduced litter tracking, and real-time monitoring of waste and litter levels through the Whisker app. 

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Clean bed of litter for every use

Litter-Robot's patented sifting process quietly separates kitty's waste from the clean litter, ensuring a fresh bed of litter for every use.

MultiCat™ Design

The MultiCat™ Design is sleek and compact and features a wide opening to maximize cat comfort while cat detection systems provide enhanced safety for your multi-cat household. The patented automatic sifting system ensures each cat has a fresh bed of litter for every use. This culmination of technologies results in a clean, comfortable, and safe space that works for up to 4 cats.

Whisker App

The Whisker app allows you to onboard one or more Litter-Robots or Feeder-Robots. With the Whisker app for Litter-Robot, you can view the waste drawer level and get notified when it's time to empty. View usage stats for insights into your cat's litter box behaviors, create a custom profile to get tailored insights for each member of your fur family, and receive customized alerts to find out when cycling occurs, the drawer is full, or the unit is paused. Adjust the Litter-Robot cycle delay, lock out the control panel, activate the night light, or even schedule sleep mode from the Whisker app!

Cat Recognition

Laser and weight sensor technology detects cats weighing 3+ lbs.* (Individual cat recognition launching 2023)

Health Insights

The all-new SmartScale™ lets you monitor kitty’s activity and weight through the app.

Enhanced Safety

The integrated SafeCat System continuously analyzes 4 zones to ensure kitty’s safety.

The SafeCat System with OmniSense™ Detection is a combination of sophisticated software, weight sensors, and laser detection that provide accurate cat detection and enhanced safety.

Cleaner paws, tidier home

Enhanced litter-sifting technology limits dust and ensures a clean place for kitty’s paws, while the complimentary fence and step greatly reduce litter tracking out of the box.

Quiet cleaning

QuietSift™ self-cleaning cycles benefit skittish kitties.

Intuitive design

The control panel features 5 buttons and an LED display for easy operation.

OdorTrap® System

The optional OdorTrap® System is designed to neutralize litter box odors. This system uses the combination of a sealed waste drawer and carbon filter to reduce odor. You can opt to replace the carbon filter with OdorTrap® Packs (sold separately) to eliminate litter box odors through natural chemistry.

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