Litter-Robot 4: Safety features


The Litter-Robot 4 is equipped with OmniSense™ detection that utilizes laser and weight sensor technology to provide real-time litter and waste drawer levels.

OmniSense™ also supports the SafeCat system which continuously analyzes four safety zones to ensure your cat is always safe.

There are three laser sensors located in the top of the bezel, called curtain sensors, as well as a cat sensor weight scale located in the base of the unit. These sensors detect when a cat has entered or exited the unit.

If a cat attempts to enter the unit during a cycle, the globe will stop with the light bar displaying red, indicating the cycle has been interrupted. The cycle will not resume until 15 seconds after the cat is no longer detected.

The Litter-Robot is also equipped with a motion sensor that monitors the waste drawer. If motion is detected within the waste drawer when the globe is at the Home position, the unit will rotate the globe to a position such that the waste port provides egress from the waste drawer.



The full-coverage bonnet functions as a cover and guard for the waste port as the globe rotates. The globe will not rotate without the bonnet installed.

For more info, reference page 20 in the manual.

Anti-pinch safety feature

The Litter-Robot is equipped with anti-pinch sensors on both sides of the waste drawer chute to ensure your cat’s safety while using the Litter-Robot. These sensors monitor for potential pinch conditions at all times.

While cycling, if a potential pinch condition is detected, the globe will stop and retract for 5 seconds. After a 2-second pause, the unit will attempt to continue the cycle. While the globe is retracting, the light bar will display a yellow ping-pong pattern.

Overload detection

If the globe becomes jammed or overloaded during rotation, the motor will stop and retract for 5 seconds. After a 2-second pause, the unit will attempt to continue the cycle. If the globe is unable to continue the cycle after three attempts, the globe will stop and the light bar will display an error code with three red lights and two flashing yellow lights.


If the globe is able to complete a Clean cycle after experiencing a jam or overload condition, the control panel will return to ready mode (blue light bar). The unit will continue to function in automatic mode. 

If the light bar is indicating a jammed or overloaded error, turn the unit off and remove the bonnet and the globe. Check for gear/motor obstruction. Reassemble the unit and verify proper litter level. Power the unit ON and let it cycle. If the problem persists, use our Troubleshooting Wizard.

USB Power Port 

The Litter-Robot is equipped with a USB power port under the bonnet on the backside of the bezel. This port will provide 5V (1A) power for any external USB devices (such as a smart camera).

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