Litter-Robot 4: Yellow light bar flashing (Bonnet removed)

  1. Make sure your unit is plugged in.
  2. Make sure your unit is connected and online.
  3. Make sure your firmware is up-to-date. If the app does not give you the option to update, you have the latest version.


Litter-Robot 4 features a bonnet that covers the globe and functions as a guard for the waste port as the globe rotates.

Sensors on the unit detect if the bonnet is on or off. This ensures that Litter-Robot will not rotate if the bonnet has been removed.

If your unit displays a yellow light bar flashing, this indicates that the bonnet has been removed.

You will also receive a notification on your phone if you use the Whisker App.


  1. Let’s check how the bonnet is installed and if the sensor is clear.
  2. To open the bonnet, press and hold the latches on both sides of the bonnet, then lift and rotate the bonnet to its open position.
  3. Inspect the bonnet tabs for damage
  4. Inspect the bonnet sensor to make sure it's free of any debris and that the release contacts are not broken.
  5. Make sure that the globe is seated completely in the base.
  6. To close the bonnet, rotate the bonnet downward over the globe, applying slight inward pressure at the latches to align the bonnet within the base. You should hear the latches snap into place. 
  7. Check to make sure the center tab at the top of the bonnet is secured in its pocket by pushing down on the bonnet at the tab location.
  8. The unit should resume its previous function five seconds after the bonnet is replaced and return to Home position displaying a blue light bar.

Successful: If your unit returned home and displays a blue light bar, you've been successful.

Unsuccessful: If you are still seeing a yellow light bar flashing, there's likely an issue with your Litter-Robot.

Issue not resolved?

To repair your Litter-Robot, you will need a bonnet or a base.

What do I do?

My unit is covered by WhiskerCare™
If your Litter-Robot is covered by our WhiskerCare™ warranty, you have access to replacement parts, at no cost, to get your Litter-Robot up-and-running quickly.  

  1. Simply log in to your account at
  2. Click on ‘My Robots’ to access the parts available for your robot.
  3. Select the part you need.
  4. We’ll ship you the part at no cost, along with detailed instructions.


The warranty on my unit has expired
If your unit is no longer under warranty, we can help you with the necessary parts and instructions to properly fix your unit at home. 

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