Litter-Robot 4: Waste Liner Holder Installation Guide

The dispenser attaches inside the back of the Litter-Robot 4 waste drawer and conveniently stores a 25-pack roll of waste drawer liners.

  1. Remove the waste drawer from the Litter-Robot 4 by pulling out the handle/step.
  2. Empty and clean out any waste from the drawer.
  3. Once emptied, turn the waste drawer upside down and find the 2 screw placements.
  4. Align the 2 screw holes on the Waste Liner Holder with the 2 screw placements on the drawer.
  5. Use a screw driver to install the 2 screws.
  6. Open the Waste Liner Holder’s lid, add the roll of bags, and close.
  7. Slide the drawer back into the Litter-Robot 4.
  8. Press the Reset button to recalibrate the scale. The Waste Liner Holder is now ready to use.

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