How To Automate Everyday Tasks as a Cat Parent
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How To Automate Everyday Tasks as a Cat Parent

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Guest post by Cat Life Today

Because cats are typically so independent, being a cat parent is by all accounts a breeze. But that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t leap at the chance to make everyday tasks even easier and more efficient.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of innovative products that are designed to automate everything from feeding your cat to dealing with their litter. Intrigued? From a self-cleaning litter box to electronic cat toys, we’ve rounded up the best items worth checking out.

Grey and white cat inside the globe of a beige Litter-Robot 3 Connect
Litter-Robot 3 Connect

1. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Most cat parents can agree that attending to their cats’ litter on a daily basis is their least pleasant responsibility. No one likes scooping out litter, but for a long time there wasn’t a viable alternative. That is, until the Litter-Robot 3 Connect came along.

In case you haven’t heard of it, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect is a game-changer for cat parents everywhere. This fully automatic and self-cleaning litter box helps reduce odor and save on litter costs. It works great for cats that weigh at least 5 pounds. As it’s WiFi-enabled, you have the power to remotely monitor and control it. With this handy device in your house, cleaning your cat’s litter will no longer be a pain!  

2. Automatic Cat Feeder 

Is finding the time to feed your cat always a challenge? Somehow, this relatively easy task can often be hard to fit in between all of the other tasks you need to carry out by the day’s end. If this sounds familiar, we think you’ll love using a high-quality automatic cat feeder

Automatic cat feeders can substantially cut the amount of time you spend feeding your cat. You simply fill them with an adequate amount of dry cat food, and then program it to dispense the food at one or more times throughout the day and/or night. You can even adjust how much food you want dispensed each time. Try one out to see for yourself just how easy and time-saving they are to use.

3. Electronic Cat Toys

There’s no replacement for quality time spent with your cat. But sometimes—especially after a hard day’s work or taking care of the kids—it can be hard to find the energy to play with your cat. So why not take advantage of some eye-catching electronic cat toys on the market?

“The popularity of electronic cat toys has boomed in recent years, thanks to how innovative and useful they can be,” says Angela Stringfellow from Pet Life Today. “From electronic mice to interactive circuit toys, there are a wide variety of electronic toys that will keep your cat entertained without your assistance.” Beyond the sheer number of different electronic toys there are to choose from, you’ll also find a range of price points to suit any budget. Your cat will love the mental and physical stimulation an electronic toy provides, while you’ll appreciate having help keeping your cat engaged.

4. Cat-Controlled Water Fountain 

Compared to humans and dogs, cats drink relatively small amounts of water each day. They get much of their water intake from their food. They typically only need anywhere between 2-4 ounces of fresh water per day, but this amount could change depending on whether they eat dry or wet food, or a combination of both. 

Cats are usually skilled in managing their own water intake, which makes it possible to hand over the control to them with a cat-controlled water fountain. These water fountains are designed to dispense water once your cat pushes their paw down on the fountain’s button. Using one is beneficial not only because it saves you from constantly refilling your cat’s water bowl, but also because they ensure your cat always has access to fresh and clean water that hasn’t been exposed to dust or other undesirable elements.

5. Cat Litter Delivery

While not exactly automation in the technical sense, cat parents can also make life easier through automating cat litter delivery. With a subscription to high-quality cat litter, you no longer have to worry about making treks to the pet store and lugging home a heavy box of cat litter. It is easy to subscribe to your preferred frequency and amount of cat litter.

Cover photo by Kim Davies on Unsplash