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Our premium, all-natural, clumping clay is designed to be the best litter for Litter-Robot. Subscribe and have it delivered to your door when you need it.
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Our all-natural cat litter contains no additives and features only one ingredient: sun-dried clay. GreatLitter® is the best litter for Litter-Robot, as it forms tight clumps fast while locking in odors. The sun-drying process aids in producing naturally unscented, low-tracking cat litter that reduces dust while providing a soft texture for your cat’s paws.

  • Single-ingredient: Natural sodium bentonite
  • No additives or perfumes
  • Superior odor management
  • Low-dust, low-tracking litter
  • Convenient automatic refills
  • 20 lbs. of litter per bag
  • *Subscriptions ship free (applied at checkout; excl. AK/HI/PR)
  • 20-lb. bag(s) containing sodium bentonite clay-clumping litter


  • What is GreatLitter®? Is it still the best litter for Litter-Robot?

    We have rebranded our premium cat litter as GreatLitter®. It is the same all-natural, single-ingredient cat litter, with a great new name. Thanks to its odor-reducing, quick-clumping clay formula, GreatLitter continues to be the best litter for Litter-Robot.
  • Why use sodium bentonite clay litter?

    Sodium bentonite naturally exhibits the scent-trapping properties of baking soda, so there’s no need to add chemicals or perfumes. It forms hard, tight clumps fast and locks in odor by drawing up liquid and isolating that telltale ammonia smell. We take great care to preserve these qualities during the drying and sifting process, so you can be sure there’s nothing better for your cat or your cat’s litter box.
  • Is this litter safe for my cat?

    Our premium cat litter is safe for your cat because it is all-natural, with no added chemicals or perfumes. In fact, it’s only made with one ingredient: sodium bentonite clay, dried with the power of the sun. The only time you may want to be careful using our clumping litter is when you have a very young kitten. Kittens sometimes eat litter, and if they ingest clay-clumping litter, it can expand in their stomachs and cause harm. Until your kitten is several months old, you may wish to use non-clumping or plant-based litter.
  • Why is clay-clumping litter better than silica gel?

    Cats generally prefer unscented, clay-clumping litter to silica gel and other types of litter because the clay texture is most similar to sand or dirt—which is what your cat’s wildcat ancestors have used for tens of thousands of years (and where your cat’s biological instinct to bury waste stems from)! Furthermore, silica gel litter typically contains added chemicals and perfumes because its clumping and odor-absorbing capabilities are minimal compared to clay litter.
  • How much litter do I need?

    On average, you’ll need one 20-lb. bag of litter per cat every month. Every pet household is different, and litter usage will depend on how many cats you have, their size and waste habits, and what type of litter box they use.
  • How long does a bag of litter last?

    Typically, one 20-lb. bag of litter per cat will last one month. Our litter lasts longer than many other brands because our sun-dried clay is known for its superior ability to absorb liquids and clump quickly. This results in tighter clumps and less litter used. How long a bag of litter lasts also depends on how many cats you have, their size and waste habits, and what type of litter box they use. For example, a self-cleaning litter box like the Litter-Robot helps reduce litter usage by up to 50% as compared to scooping a traditional litter box.

  • How do I start a subscription?

    It’s super easy: Choose the quantity, size, and delivery frequency, add to your cart, sign up for a Litter-Robot account if you don’t already have one, and check out. Your first litter shipment will ship 1-2 business days after your credit card is processed. From then on, you will be billed on the same day each month (depending on your plan frequency), and your litter will ship 1-2 business days after you’re billed. You can always adjust billing or shipping dates by logging into your account.

  • When will my card be charged?

    Your credit card will be charged on the day you first subscribe. Subscribers are automatically charged based on the frequency of their delivery. Monthly subscribers are charged once per month, bimonthly subscribers are charged once every 2 months, quarterly subscribers are charged once every 3 months, biannual subscribers are charged once every 6 months, annual subscribers are charged once every 12 months, on the credit or debit card associated with their account. You’ll be able to select a different billing or shipping date by logging in to your account if you so choose.

  • What is your cancelation policy?

    You can change or cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account at least five (5) business days before your next shipment. Simply log in to your Litter-Robot account, choose “My Subscriptions” from the menu, and click “Cancel Subscription” under the litter subscription section.

  • Are there any shipping fees for a cat litter subscription?

    Your litter ships for free in the contiguous U.S. There are shipping fees for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Can I subscribe if I am outside of the U.S.?

    Unfortunately, litter subscription is not yet available outside of the U.S.

  • How do I update my billing and shipping information?

    You can log in to your Litter-Robot account to update your credit card and address information. Choose either “Payment Methods” or “Address Book” from the menu, then add, edit, or delete credit cards and addresses as necessary.

  • Can I pause my subscription or skip a month?

    Yes. Simply log in to your Litter-Robot account, choose “My Subscriptions” from the menu, and click “Skip Next Delivery” or “Pause Subscription” under the litter subscription section. If you choose to pause your subscription, it will remain paused indefinitely until you log back into your account and update.

  • Are there any hidden costs or fees?

    No, there are no hidden fees. There are no membership fees, adjustment fees, or cancelation fees.

  • Do you ship to PO Boxes?

    No, we cannot ship to PO Boxes.

  • What is your return policy on cat litter?

    All sales are final (no returns or refunds) on cat litter.

  • General Disclaimer

    Contents consist of all-natural cat litter; packaging may not be all natural. Product labels may contain more and/or different information from the product information listed on the website. Product and/or packaging logos may appear modified in person. You should always read labels, warnings, directions, and other information provided with the product before using or allowing your pet to consume a product. Any applications other than those described on the product label are not approved or endorsed by Whisker. Whisker is not responsible for accidents, illnesses, or injuries that occur from use of this clumping clay litter.

Low dust, low tracking

Our low-dust litter ensures that your house won’t be covered in residue—unlike those other big box brands.

Orange cat stepping out of a black Litter-Robot 4

The best litter for Litter-Robot

Our high-quality clay forms tight clumps while locking in odors, making it the best litter for Litter-Robot.

Women pouring litter into a Litter-Robot 4

Superior odor control

The natural properties found in sodium bentonite sun-dried clay help reduce the release of the ammonia scent caused by cat urine by quickly absorbing the liquid.

Orange cat walking near a bag of premium cat litter

Tighter clumps, less litter

GreatLitter® clumps tightly and uses much less litter than an ordinary litter box.

Cat next to a bag of litter
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