Where To Put a Litter Box: Top 10 Cat Litter Box Placement Ideas
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Where To Put a Litter Box: Top 10 Cat Litter Box Placement Ideas

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While having a litter box is essential for a feline family, the aesthetic of it leaves much to be desired. And don't even get me started on litter box odors. Especially in a small apartment or house, finding the right litter box location can be a challenge. 

That is hidden litter box solutions and highly sought after. There are multiple ways to hide litter boxes, including hidden within litter box furniture, under the stairs, or even in a spare room or closet.

Explore the easy ways you can hide your cat’s litter box to cover this less-than-sightly pet necessity. 

Where you shouldn't place the cat litter box

Cats can be very picky when it comes to using the litter box in the first place. In fact, a litter box that is too dirty, or in an area that is too noisy can even lead your cat to not use the litter box at all. Let's start with where you shouldn't put the litter box. 

  • High-Traffic Areas. Steer clear of placing the litter box in busy areas like the living room or hallway to maintain your cat's privacy.
  • Noisy Appliances. Avoid locations near loud appliances, such as washing machines or dryers, to create a serene environment for your cat.
  • Direct Sunlight Exposure. Prevent unpleasant odors by keeping the litter box away from areas with direct sunlight exposure.
  • Children's Play Areas. Ensure a quiet atmosphere by placing the litter box away from spaces where children frequently play.
  • Proximity to Food and Water. Maintain a separation between the litter box and your cat's food and water bowls to promote a hygienic living environment.

10 best litter box placement ideas

So where to put the cat litter box? While a litter box serves a functional purpose, it can be an eyesore—especially in small spaces. But there’s no need to stress. There are clever litter box solutions that can help keep the look and feel of your home up to par while still providing your cat with all the space they need for their private business. 

1. Litter box furniture

Long-haired Ragdoll cat sitting on top of Litter-Robot credenza concealed litter box

Hiding your litter box inside a piece of furniture is a great place to start. First, you can consider upcycling a piece of furniture. Find the desired piece and create a plan that will comfortably fit your litter box and cat inside. Once you have a plan, you can start the construction. Be sure to add some trim and paint to match your decor. You can even add little stairs to the side of the piece to elevate the litter box if needed. 

If DIY is not your thing, don’t worry. Now is the perfect time to explore the concealed litter box furniture options from Litter-Robot. Our credenza in white plank is not only a great place to stash your litter box, it’s also a seamless addition to any farmhouse-style decor. If you have a more modern aesthetic—or need extra storage space—consider the litter box storage cabinet in coffee oak. Both are fantastic ways to keep your litter box hidden in plain sight! 

2. Underneath a side table

Have a desk or side table that doesn’t get a lot of use? You can repurpose the space as a cat litter box solution. If tucking it under the table still results in the corners of your litter box peeking out, consider adding some fabric around the edges to keep everything hidden while giving your feline some privacy.

3. Under your stairs or against the wall under the stairs

If your home has stairs, you may already have a built-in nook to provide your cat with a private litter box area. Many homes come with extra space that you can reclaim to hide away the litter box. You can add a cat door, or just leave the underutilized area hidden with a curtain—whatever is easiest for you. Just be sure to define this space for your cat. Storing other items in the vicinity might keep your feline from feeling comfortable in the space. 

4. Spare closet

Have a spare closet in a guest room or office? Rework the space for your cat. You can even add a cat door or use a curtain in place of the door. Whichever way you go, your cat will be appreciative of the privacy, and you’ll be appreciative of having the litter box out of sight. 

5. Bathroom

Bathrooms are another ideal place to keep a litter box. If you have an extra bathroom or ample space in one that you utilize, there are numerous places you can pop a litter box! Just be sure that the bathroom you select gives your cat complete access to their litter box 24/7. A shut door will require your cat to search for other places to go—which can lead to a mess. 

6. Laundry room

How often are your guests in your laundry room? We’d venture to guess almost never. That is why your laundry room serves as a great location to keep your cat's litter box hidden. Plus, most laundry rooms have a trash bin for lint—which can serve as a great place to pitch any cat deposits from their litter box. 

As we mentioned with the bathroom, make sure that you keep the door to your laundry room open, or install a cat door. If your laundry room is completely shut to guests, that means it's completely shut to your cat, as well. 

Maine Coon cat, Bengal cat, and tan tabby cat sitting on top of Litter-Robot storage cabinet concealed litter box

7. Extra bedroom

If you have an extra bedroom, this could be the ideal place for a concealed litter box. If the room isn’t utilized at all, you can easily just place the litter box in the corner. However, if you want to create an inviting and functional space for work, guests, and your cat, consider adding a decorative piece of litter box furniture. 

You can have a room that looks impeccable to guests while still giving your cat access to make it their own space. If you don’t regularly entertain guests, you can turn this extra room into a suite for your cat—after all, they do love being spoiled!

8. Corner of a room

Apartments and smaller spaces might not have the added room or stairs to convert into a private retreat for your cat's business. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for these compact spaces. You can fit your litter box in a corner of any room and still have it be out of sight. A piece of Litter-Robot furniture or a DIY side table can conceal your litter box while still keeping the space comfortable for everyone—including your feline family!

9. Under a console table or a TV console

Your TV console probably has additional storage space that you aren’t utilizing. Reclaim that space and convert it into a litter box solution instead. By doing a little DIY repair to your existing furniture, you can hide your cat’s litter box underneath the TV. But if DIY is too heavy of a lift, you can purchase a Litter-Robot credenza to serve both purposes. The credenza will hold a TV under 50 pounds and hide the litter box!

10. Use a privacy screen

Use a privacy screen or room divider to separate your cat's litter box from the rest of the room. With folding privacy screens, you have the flexibility to set it up anywhere within a room, in any room of your home. This will help keep the litter box out of sight but still accessible to your feline.

Cleaning up after your cat

When you’ve used one or multiple of these litter box ideas to conceal your cat’s box, it can be easy to have the box be out of sight and out of mind. But don’t forget to keep the litter box clean for your cat. 

Utilizing an automatic, self-cleaning litter box like Litter-Robot 4 is a great solution! Since cat waste is removed minutes after your cat exits, you likely won’t be able to smell when the litter box needs to be cleaned. The great news is that the Litter-Robot will send you a notification when the waste drawer needs to be emptied. This will keep your cat happy, and your house smelling fresh!

Upgrading your litter box

Is your litter box old, outdated, unsightly, or just hard to clean? Try an amazing new litter box from Litter-Robot with a 90-day in-home trial! Our technologically advanced litter box cycles out your cat’s waste from the clean litter, helping you save on litter consumption and keeping your house free from the icky odors usually associated with litter boxes. 

And, if you prefer a concealed litter box (even though the Litter-Robot design is more aesthetically pleasing than other boxes on the market), we have the perfect litter box furniture to hide it for you. 

What about covered litter boxes?

Are covered litter boxes good for cats?

Most cats don’t have a preference on whether their litter box is covered or uncovered. But covered litter boxes come with a plethora of benefits, from helping reduce odors and litter tracking out of the box to hindering access to the litter box by dogs in the house.

Which is better, an open or closed litter box?

That depends on your cat’s preference. However, an enclosed litter box is an ideal solution. It provides your cat with privacy to do their business and keeps the litter better contained. The Litter-Robot keeps litter within its globe while always providing your cat with a clean, fresh place to go to the bathroom.

Long-haired Ragdoll cat sitting on top of Litter-Robot credenza - best locations for a concealed litter box