long-haired cat using elevated self-cleaning litter box
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Will My Cat Use an Elevated Litter Box?

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An elevated litter box can provide some great benefits for your cat’s bathroom experience. A raised litter box will give your cat more privacy and provide dog-proofing capabilities, less mess, and an all-around better experience! We will lead you through the pros and cons of an elevated litter box and show you the best ways to get your cat to use one. 

What’s the scoop on raised litter boxes?

While all cats have their preferences on litter box types, a raised litter box like Litter-Robot 4 can provide your cat with a more enjoyable experience. Cats, like people, prefer privacy when using the bathroom. An elevated litter box can help them feel more comfortable and confident at their most vulnerable. 

But your cat isn’t the only one benefiting from an elevated box. Elevated litter boxes can reduce litter tracking and help keep other pets out of the box. Plus, they’re often more stylish than your typical plastic litter tray.

cat using elevated litter box with ramp

Even if your cat has trouble making it to higher surfaces, litter boxes like Litter-Robot 4 offer a ramp to help them easily reach raised boxes. 

Top-entry litter box

A top-entry litter box is a specific type of elevated litter box. It is entirely enclosed except for an opening on top that a cat enters through. This type of raised litter box can be especially effective at reducing litter tracking and access to dogs in the home. However, not all cats are comfortable using a top-entry litter box.

orange tabby using top-entry litter box

The benefits of an elevated litter box

Let’s take a deeper look at how an elevated cat litter box provides you and your cat with a better litter box experience. Here are 4 reasons you should use a raised litter box for your feline friend.

Cats need privacy while doing their business

Cats have a deep-rooted instinct to be alert at all times. It’s no surprise they prefer litter boxes that are secluded and offer privacy so they can use the bathroom in peace. Raised and enclosed litter boxes will give them the privacy for a calming litter box experience. Better yet, take privacy a step further with hidden litter box furniture like the coastal credenza by Whisker.

Keeps litter in the box

Some cats like to dig so aggressively in litter that they cause a huge mess outside the box, potentially tracking litter all over your home. While you might not be able to stop your cat from digging, a raised litter box will help keep the litter where it belongs—inside the box! With an elevated litter box, the litter sits deeper in the box and the edges are raised. Combined with a LitterTrap® Mat, the litter is far less likely to end up all over your house. 

Keeps dogs out of the box

Litter-Robot is the perfect dog-proof litter box. It will help keep your pup out of the litter box and make your cat feel more secure while going to the bathroom. And since the litter box is self-cleaning, it will automatically sift waste from the litter before your dog tries to eat anything your cat left behind.

More stylish

Your cat only cares about having a functional litter box that’s clean, safe, and easy to use. As a pet parent, you likely want all that too, but having something a little more aesthetically pleasing wouldn't hurt. Some raised litter boxes are actually built into the top of a cabinet, allowing for storage underneath the litter box.

Litter-Robot 4 is designed to stand alone or sit perfectly in a modern piece of furniture. Who said you must skimp out on style in the name of cat waste?

What are the drawbacks?


Worried about your cat jumping in and out of the box? We get it: Some cats might suffer from certain medical or age-related conditions, preventing them from safely using an elevated litter box. The good news is that Litter-Robot has an optional ramp accessory so your cat can easily and safely use a raised litter box. 

Some cats simply refuse to use a top-entry litter box. Accessibility issues are more common with this type of box. Cats may feel too confined or be unwilling to adapt to the change in design. As with any change in your cat’s routine, the key to success is a slow transition.

tabby cat looking down at top entry litter box


Depending on the design and construction, elevated litter boxes may not be as stable as traditional ones on the ground. This can lead to tipping or wobbling, potentially causing spills or messes.

How do I get my cat to use an elevated litter box?

So now you might wonder, will cats use an elevated litter box? Don’t worry—even if your cat isn't using the litter box at first, there are ways to help your feline feel more secure with their new box. Cats are generally curious and will likely investigate the new litter box no matter what. Once inside, your cat will feel the litter and know exactly what to do. 

Tips to transition your cat to an elevated litter box

  1. Place the elevated litter box in the same location as the old litter box.
  2. Take a cup of litter from the old box and add it to clean litter in the new box. The familiar scent will help persuade your cat to investigate. 
  3. If you’re using an automatic litter box, leave it turned off until your cat has had time to get comfortable using it.
  4. Place treats or catnip around the edge or opening of the new litter box to entice your cat. 
  5. Try a “cat attract” product like a litter additive.

Given enough time, most cats will successfully transition to a new type of litter box.

Give your cat the ultimate litter box experience 

There’s no time like the present to upgrade to a self-cleaning litter box like Litter-Robot. Not only will this elevated litter box give your cat privacy while keeping your house stylish and clean, but you’ll also have access to useful smart features. Litter-Robot will automatically clean the box for you, and the Whisker app alerts you when the box needs your attention. You can monitor your cat’s litter box habits and weight through the app and accessorize the litter box however you see fit! 


Will cats use an elevated litter box?

While every cat has their preference for litter box type, most cats will use elevated litter boxes. You may wish to add a ramp or stair feature to the litter box to encourage your cat.

Where is the best place to put an elevated litter box?

The best place to put a litter box is in a quiet, low-traffic area or the same spot as your old litter box.

Orange tabby cat with handkerchief on ramp in from of Litter-Robot 3 Connect - will my cat use an elevated litter box?