How to Keep Your Cat Happy
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How to Keep Your Cat Happy

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Have you ever wondered how to keep your cat happy? You supply food, water, and shelter, but how do you turn surviving into thriving? With the help of the folks at Catster, here are some good ways to make—and keep—your cat happy.

Sunshine and Warmth

Keep your cat smiling by making sure it gets plenty of sunshine. Make room on window sills and other flat surfaces where direct sunlight falls. Your cat will gladly make himself comfortable lazing in that square of hot white light, soaking up the rays, and warming its ever-chilly body.

Sunlight provides those few extra degrees of heat cats need to feel warm. Compared to humans, cats have a higher thermoneutral zone, or the temperature range in which they feel comfortable. Whereas you're comfortable around the house with the thermostat set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your cat might be as chilly as you would feel if someone turned it down to 60. That warmth and sunshine provide an important psychological boost to your cat's wellbeing, similar to how a nap on the beach might feel for you. So, take a moment to clear a space and give your cat a place in the sun.


Another way to assure your cat's happiness is to invite him (or let him invite you) for a good ol' cuddle session. As much as your cat may appear indifferent, occasional physical interaction with other living things is important to its wellbeing. There's nothing quite like the physical bond between pet parent and pet, so take 5-10 minutes a few times per week to nurture it. There's no better place to embrace this bond than on the big, open, soft surface of the couch or bed. Your cat will get an emotional health boost from some much needed affection.

Some cats may reject your invitation for prolonged physical interaction. For those cats that are too skittish or have been abused, we recommend that you patiently continue to offer to cuddle. Find a quiet, safe space where you won't be interrupted by a fast-moving toddler, your spouse arriving home, or the noisy TV. On a bed or a couch, make yourself comfortable and begin inviting your cat to join you.

Call your cat's name, entice him with a toy, and make that little sound you know he loves. Give it a few minutes and if your cat joins you, move slowly and cautiously. Convey to your cat that in addition to opening cat food, you can meet its other needs. Over time, you'll (hopefully) demonstrate to your cat that you are friendly and this space is safe. If your cat doesn't join you, keep up the offers and don't take it personally. Cats are observant and over time (sometimes years), they will learn you can be trusted.

Supervised Outdoor Time

Cats, just like humans, need adequate exercise to lead a healthy and happy life. Even if you keep your cat indoors, you should take your cat outside for some exercise in the fresh air. The stimulation they get from exploring their new surroundings will go far toward staving off boredom.

Of course, make sure you're prepared to take your cat outdoors. Keep a close watch on your cat and consider putting it on a harness and leash and going for a stroll if you're afraid it might run away. No matter how you treat your cat to the outdoors, your cat will benefit from the opportunity to stretch its legs and return to nature.

A Clean Litter Box, Every Time

One of the most common ways your cat demonstrates he is unhappy is through the litter box. If the litter box isn't clean, another cat has used it, or it just isn't right (Goldilocks style), then you're in for a mess.

Keep your cat happy with the automatic self-cleaning Litter-Robot. The smart sensor detects when your cat has used it, and automatically performs a cleaning cycle after he leaves. The patented sifting system separates the clean litter from the clumps, and deposits them in a drawer below, leaving a clean bed of litter for the next use. No matter how many cats you have, the Litter-Robot will be clean for each one, every single time.

Oh the things some warm sunshine by the window, some loving cuddles and affection, some stimulating time outdoors, and a self-cleaning litter box can do for your dear feline friend. Take the time to incorporate these ideas into your routine and they will go a long way to keeping your cat happy and healthy.