Ten Benefits of an Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Guarantees are everywhere: on TV, in magazines, we even make them to one another in daily conversation. A diet plan guarantees that you’ll lose 10 pounds in a month. A car commercial guarantees this model will give you more miles to the...
How to Keep Your Cat Happy
Have you ever wondered how to keep your cat happy? You supply food, water, and shelter, but how do you turn surviving into thriving? With the help of the folks at Catster, here are some good ways to make—and keep—your cat happy. Sunshine and Warmth Keep your cat smiling by making sure it gets plenty of
Happiness Is… By Cathy Campbell
Love Cats By Adam Ackerman
Cats Dig It By Dale Kohler
What People Call Our Litter-Robot
It seems that love for our Litter-Robot comes in many different forms. Some write colorful reviews, others post photos of their cats using the Litter-Robot, while still others have taken to naming or nicknaming their automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Many of these names are quite clever and entertaining, and we thought you might like to
No more stinky litter box and disgusting scooper!
We love the Litter-Robot! No more stinky litter box and disgusting scooper! It is worth every penny. My cat used a hooded litter box prior to the Litter-Robot. She had no problem adjusting to the Litter-Robot, she started to use it right away. Thank for making such a great product! Jackie New Britain, CT
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