Litter-Robot III Open Air 360° View


    Litter-Robot III Open Air

    4.9 out of 5
    Price: $449.00
    Say hello to the completely re-imagined Litter-Robot III Open Air. Freeing yourself from scooping litter has never been more convenient. The improved, self-adjusting weight sensor knows when your cat is inside and when it’s time to clean up. After each use, a timer counts down, allowing clumping litter to set before a cleaning cycle begins automatically. The patented sifting system preserves the clean litter and deposits the waste into a convenient carbon-filtered drawer below. Empty the waste drawer when indicated and add litter as needed.
    What’s in the box?

    (1) Fully assembled Litter-Robot III Open Air.  Once you remove the Litter-Robot, you will find a Welcome Kit in the Waste Drawer.

    The Welcome Kit includes:

    • Carbon Filter
    • Waste Drawer Liner
    • 15 Volt DC Power Supply
    • Instruction Manual
    • Step Mat
    • Return and Repack Instructions

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