Litter Box Ideas
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Litter Box Ideas

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a thousand times, your cat’s litter box can be an expression of your most distinctive personal identity. With just a little creativity and some basic crafts and supplies, you can make your cat’s litter box truly unique. Whether you have a conventional or a more technologically advanced [insert intentional throat clearing] litter box, the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalization.

Colorful Litter Boxes

Why not bring a little color into your life and your litter box? Just because it’s not the most appealing thing in the world doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like something a bit more appealing than it is! And what easier way to go about that than by adding some bright color to it, whether it’s paint, paper, tape or you’ve just found a supplier who sells litter boxes in really bright colors? You can bring a little joy to your cat’s poop with color!

Creative Litter Boxes

If color’s not enough for you, why stop there? Create entire murals, mosaics or any other work of art that you like on your cat’s litter box, and, in doing so, make it something more than just a box of poop. Whether you’re a perfectionist and want to do it all yourself or you’ve got some little whippersnappers running around the house who you’d like to calm down with a project for an hour or so, it’s a great way to liven up even the foulest litter box.

Designer Litter Boxes

Now, we don’t necessarily mean pasting on the pattern of your favorite designer (e.g., Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada, etc.), although you’re more than free to go ahead with that. Believe it or not, there are some major names in the litter box industry, not least of which is Automated Pet Care’s very own Litter Robot. If you want to ditch your bland, smell, painstaking conventional litter box for something with a bit more flourish, a bit more fun, then you want a cutting edge Litter Robot!

Don’t overthink it, because there’s no end to the possibilities of what to do with your cat’s litter box. The only limits are those of your own imagination, so get out there, be brave, be bold, and show the world what you’re working with!