The Right Pet Products For Different Types Of Homes
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The Right Pet Products For Different Types Of Homes

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With so many different pet care products on the market today, it can be more difficult than it used to be trying to figure out which are best for you. In large part, what product you buy is going to depend on what type of home you have, or, more specifically, how many members of your family live in your home, and how many of them are pets and how many are people, or even children. Here we’ve broken down a few of Automated Pet Care’s best-selling products as they apply to different types of homes.

Do You Hate Leaving Your Litter Box Out For All To See?

As we’ve discussed in some previous posts, there are many different ways to go about hiding, disguising, obscuring or simply completely replacing your conventional litter box. While the former three options there require some ingenuity and creativity, the latter only involves a little research and an educated decision. You can certainly mask you conventional litter box to no end. You can disguise it until any evidence of its being a litter box has all but vanished. At the end of the day, however, there’s still a box of poop in your home. If you opt to replace or, rather, upgrade to something like Automated Pet Care’s industry revolutionizing Litter-Robot, you will be bringing about a new dawn of litter box technology in your home. Gone will be the days of uncomfortable crouching, unpleasant scooping and unnecessary wasting of resources. With the automatic self-cleaning Litter-Robot, you’re life will become immeasurably easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. Not to mention, a whole lot less smelly. Rather than feeling embarrassed about the state of your old conventional litter box when company is over, you can now proudly share all of the wonders of your new Litter-Robot with anyone who lends you their ears.

Do You Have Other Pets In The House?

If you’ve got a multi-pet household, and especially if you’ve got critters of varying sizes and strengths, then Automated Pet Care may have just the item to protect you smaller, weaker pets from the larger, stronger and certainly hungrier pets who may be interested in dinners that aren’t theirs. The Feed Safe is another revolutionary feat of engineering, designed specifically to prevent your dogs and larger cats from eating more than their share. Its ingenious dome design maximizes internal space while minimizing the space it takes up in your home, and it’s clever sliding door can be adjusted to allow only the animal whose food is inside to enter the Feed Safe. This is perfect for owners of both dogs and cats, as well as cat owners who are bringing home a new kitten who may have trouble fending for itself right off the bat.

Do You Also Have Children In The House?

If you have young children in your home, as well, either in addition to multiple pets, or simply with just the one little kitty, then we’ve got another suggestion for you. The Kitty Play Zone is a cardboard playhouse and feeding station for kittens and cats. Its unique design with internal climbing tower, loft area, and roof opening promote fun interaction and play time with your pet. It actually provides a similar enclosure to the Feed Safe for your newest, smallest pet, or even just a fun place to house food and water bowls for even your oldest cat. On top of that, your children will love that it doubles as a tremendous creative canvas, upon which they can express their most whimsical fantasies. So, whatever your household situation happens to be, Automated Pet Care has you covered.