How to Find the Right Veterinarian for Your Cat
Finding the right veterinarian is essential to your cat’s lifelong health and happiness. It’s common to go to the cheapest or the closest office—two important factors—but you should consider more than price and convenience when choosing your pet’s doctor. Think about how you choose your own doctors. Health insurance aside, would you go to the cheapest one? Maybe, but
Why is my cat so aggressive?
When you first brought your cat home, she was probably a shy, playful little kitten. Play time with your pet was enjoyable and downright adorable. Your tiny kitty was infatuated with you and fascinated by the fluttering movements of your fingers and toes. Her pouncing was cute and playful. So small and innocent, you never
Best Investment!
I purchased my Litter Robot 2 years ago and can say that it was the best investment I could have made as a cat owner!! I only have one cat and empty the drawer about once a week. There is little to no odor and very little wasted litter. Washing the globe and drawer about
I Recommend This Product!
This is the best litter box out there. The Litter-Robot is easy to clean and my 2 cats had no problem adapting to it. I recommend this product to any cat owner. Amy Columbus, GA
Move Over Sliced Bread…
Move over sliced bread you have been replaced. I have been a cat owner my entire life. My only regret is that I didn’t have a Litter-Robot from the start. My cats are happy and so am I. Thank You Litter Robot. Walt Evergreen Park, IL
Tiger Took Right To The Litter-Robot
We have had our litter robot for about a year. Tiger is very fussy about his personal stuff…..he took right to the robot litter box….the litter box smell and mess went right away the day the robot arrived. I recommend this product to every cat owner out there. Tammy Aventura, FL
The Best Litter Box on the Market
THE BEST LITTER BOX ON THE MARKET – I am so pleased with my newly purchased Litter Robot (Black with extended bubble). I have 6 cats all ranging from just over a year to as old as 8 years. I would like to give a huge “THANK YOU” to the makers of the Litter Robot.
Nothing is simpler than the LItter Robot!!!
If you have a cat this is a MUST HAVE!!!
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