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  1. longhaired white cat grooming paw

    Cat Overgrooming: Why Is Your Cat Grooming So Much?

    Is your cat overgrooming? From stress to medical concerns, find out what causes overgrooming and how to help your cat stop this habit.
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  2. Calico kitten lying on side

    Ask the Vet: What Causes Blood in Cat Urine?

    Is your cat peeing blood? Dr. Justine Lee explains what causes blood in cat urine, how to diagnose your cat's condition, and treatment.
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  3. calico cat in spring wildflowers

    How Long Is a Cat in Heat?

    How long are cats in heat and what are the signs? The average length of time a female cat is in heat is 4 to 7 days.
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  4. Is Garlic Bad for Cats? Why Cats Can't Eat Garlic or Onions

    Is Garlic Bad for Cats? Why Cats Can't Eat Garlic or Onions

    Can cats eat garlic? Can cats eat onions? The answer is always no – find out why all vegetables in the allium family are toxic for cats.
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  5. Bengal cat lying on multi-colored couch cushion

    Kidney Stones in Cats: How To Care For Your Cat

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses symptoms and treatment of kidney stones in cats, ureteroliths, bladder stones in cats, and urethral stones in cats.
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  6. brown tabby cat lying next to lit candle

    Are Candles Safe for Cats? How to Keep Your Pets Safe

    Are candles bad for cats and dogs? Find out why you should avoid burning candles, paraffin wax, and more when you have pets at home.
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  7. cat nose and whiskers

    Why Is My Cat Sneezing? How To Help A Sneezing Cat

    Is your cat sneezing cause for concern? Find out common causes for cat sneezing, from allergies to upper respiratory infections.
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  8. Tabby kitten outside

    What Is FIV? Facts About FIV and FeLV

    What is the difference between FIV and FeLV? Dr. Justine Lee explains that these contagious diseases affect a cat's immune system, but one is more devastating than the other.
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  9. Black cat with one yellow eye and one blue eye

    Cat DNA Tests: Everything You Need To Know

    At-home DNA tests are all the rage right now. So what’s next? Let’s take a look at why a cat DNA test may be your next big splurge.
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  10. Devon Rex cat on table

    How To Treat Ringworm In Cats: Feline Care Guide

    Dr. Justine Lee discusses the signs and treatment of ringworm in cats. Learn how you can protect your cat and yourself from this fungal disease.
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  11. British Shorthair cat sitting next to potted succulents

    Are Succulents Poisonous to Cats?

    While succulents may be the quickest and easiest way to spruce up a room, pet parents should consider: Are succulents poisonous to cats? Learn which succulents are safe for pets and which to avoid.
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  12. Tuxedo cat sitting with paws tucked on carpet

    Average Cat Weight vs. Healthy Cat Weight

    Pet obesity is on the rise—and so is the average cat weight. But what is considered a healthy cat weight? Find out what to do if your cat is overweight.
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  13. Pregnant orange and white tabby cat

    How To Tell if a Cat Is Pregnant

    Wondering how to tell if a cat is pregnant? Have you noticed a change in your unspayed cat’s physical appearance o...
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