What People Call Our Litter-Robot
It seems that love for our Litter-Robot comes in many different forms. Some write colorful reviews, others post photos of their cats using the Litter-Robot, while still others have taken to naming or nicknaming their automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Many of these names are quite clever and entertaining, and we thought you might like to
The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Why The Litter Robot?
With so many self-proclaimed “best” self-cleaning litter boxes out there, it’s no wonder you, the consumer, are unsure about which is really the best. We’ve compiled some very telling reviews from across the internet and performed a thorough comparison between the alleged...
Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box: The Future Of Litter Box Technology
Are you sick and tired of repeated back-breaking crouches that bring you in close proximity to your cat’s waste? Thanks to the Litter-Robot™, those days are over! But, before you make any rash, impulsive decisions, why don’t we give it a little...
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