Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box: The Future Of Litter Box Technology
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Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box: The Future Of Litter Box Technology

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Are you sick and tired of repeated back-breaking crouches that bring you in close proximity to your cat’s waste? Thanks to the Litter-Robot, those days are over! But, before you make any rash, impulsive decisions, why don’t we give it a little thought first…

Why A Self-Cleaning Litter Box?

Think about the numbers. The sheer, staggering resources that are consumed annually by your current conventional litter box. The tons of kitty litter, the thousands of plastic grocery bags, even the several dozen ratty bath towels that serve as your litter box’s foundation. Now, imagine for a moment a world where you can spare yourself (and the precious, delicate environment) this ludicrously excessive and wasteful consumption. The Litter-Robot is a revolutionary device that seeks to bring forth an industry-wide transformation using half as much litter as required in a conventional litter box. Oh, and did we mention that this device will save you tons of dough too?

Now let's discuss convenience and consistency. When your self-cleaning automatic litter box cleans itself after each use, you don't have to - that's convenience! And, when the box is consistently clean, your cat will also consistently use the automatic self-cleaning litter box. No more messes in protest due to a dirty litter box!

And what about this 'yuck' factor? If your cat has to paw through a dirty litter box, its paws will carry germs right onto your counter-top, or wherever you allow your cat to go. A self-cleaning automatic litter box that cleans itself after each use will keep your cat's paws - and your home, cleaner.

Contact with cat feces and urine is not a pleasant experience, and the less exposure, the better. By essentially eliminating the need to scoop and breath contaminated litter dust, your exposure to cat waste is drastically reduced. In fact, with one cat you only have to remove, tie off, and dispose of a waste bag once per week. It's that simple and easy.

This is a complete 180° from the archaic and frankly grotesque practice of poop scooping and completely wasteful end-of-week box dumping.

How To Pick A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

It’s very important to stop and weigh your options. However, if you put every other alleged self-cleaning litter box contraption on the market onto one side of a scale, and then you put a Litter-Robot on the other side, you’ll be sure to find that the competition doesn’t hold a candle to the dominance and immaculate engineering of the one true product. You deserve the best, and so does your furry feline friend, so don’t be thrifty about the things that really matter to you and yours. Think longer term and make that investment because it’s sure to pay off every single day. You’ll see that this will be a most valuable purchase that pays for itself over time. You’ve got to pay for the quality that you want to experience, and there’s only one thing that’s worse than crummy conventional litter boxes, and that’s a cheap self-proclaimed self-cleaning litter box that has malfunctioned all over your floor. Trust us, you don’t want that to happen, and that’s why you want to go with the Litter-Robot!

Your Life After A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

You may relish the free time of others, or put yours to good use, but you may long for even more, and you’re certainly not alone! We all wish that we had more leisure time to do what we love, and, for the vast majority of us, that usually doesn’t have much to do with animal feces. So, drop that disgusting miniature shovel and forget that your cat even produces waste, because your life after a self-cleaning litter box, and particularly the Litter-Robot, will be an angelic reverie when compared to the monotony of the daily Sisyphean litter box scooping session. Picture yourself sitting on a chase lounge drinking a piña colada out of a freshly cut coconut. Now, make the one purchase that will surely grant you the freedom to indulge in just this sort of relaxation and calm. Get your Litter-Robot today! It's the right way to go!