What People Call Our Litter-Robot
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What People Call Our Litter-Robot

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It seems that love for our Litter-Robot comes in many different forms. Some write colorful reviews, others post photos of their cats using the Litter-Robot, while still others have taken to naming or nicknaming their automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Many of these names are quite clever and entertaining, and we thought you might like to enjoy a chuckle. So, here are some of the more interesting nicknames given to the Litter-Robot.


Not too out-there, but certainly sparing a syllable counts as a nickname. Say it in a severe monotone, “Litterbot will clean cat waste.”


A similar construction, but with a bit more cuteness, this one seems like armor your cat might step into to become a superkitty. But then that would be an entirely different piece of hardware.


Again, this one seems to inspire a bit of heroism, perhaps akin to the classic Robocop. But this hero saves you time, money and from a pain in the neck!


Not even quite sure about this one, expect that it definitely has a 21st century feel. Seems to reference the mechanical, but a mechanical kitty might not be as cuddly.


Most everyone has seen the original Star Wars film, and there’s no denying the uncanny resemblance. But you can rest assured that no planets were or will be destroyed in the making of this product!


Almost the opposite construction of kittybot, this sounds like the majestic highlander Rob Roy’s feline companion.


No, it’s not a randomly selected name. It’s actually a fairly observant comparison between the shape of our device and the small, incomprehensible, hooded boy from South Park.


Well, it is automatic, which is largely why it is so loved, but perhaps Auto-Sphere might have been a more geometrically appropriate nickname.

Anyway, we just thought that you might enjoy these. We are always hearing about newly invented nicknames, so please let us know what you call your Litter-Robot! We’d love to share it with all of the devoted Litter-Robot users out there, and we’re sure they’d love to hear it, too!