10 Benefits of an Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
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10 Benefits of an Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Guarantees are everywhere: on TV, in magazines, we even make them to one another in daily conversation. A diet plan guarantees that you’ll lose 10 pounds in a month. A car commercial guarantees this model will give you more miles to the gallon than its competitor. You’ve probably guaranteed your friend you’ll be there on time. And you know from personal experience that this promise is not always kept.

In a perfect world, every guarantee thrown our way would turn into reality. We would never have to worry about broken promises, false commitments, and general disappointment. Everyone would achieve that healthy weight. No one would have to worry about gas prices. Friends would never be left waiting.

Here at AutoPets, we understand that life can't always be perfect, but when it comes to your cat's litter box, we've come pretty close. That's why we call the Litter-Robot, our automatic, self-cleaning litter box, the one that really works. And we stand behind it with a guarantee. Here are ten benefits of the Litter-Robot automatic self-cleaning litter box that you can count on:

1. You'll never have to pick up a litter box scoop again.

The Litter-Robot's patented litter sifting technology separates the clean litter from the soiled, clumped litter, leaving a clean bed of litter after every use. You will never have to worry about manually scooping your litter box ever again. Can you imagine that? Freedom from scooping litter and a happier, healthier cat and home!

Ok, so maybe you'll have to pick up the scoop one last time, but only to throw it irreverently in the recycle bin. Good riddance!

2. Cleaning your litter box will be as easy as taking out the garbage.

Cleaning a conventional litter box is a detestable chore. First, you have to lose rock-paper-scissors to your spouse, run out of excuses, then summon the courage and face the litter box—or multiple litter boxes. Next, you have to find the hand scoop, pry the clumps off the walls of that gross tray—while trying not to breathe in the dust you're stirring up. Then you play a fun game of deposit the clump into the garbage bag while trying not to break it up and spill tiny chunks of soiled litter everywhere. By the end of the chore, you feel like you should have worn a hazmat suit and you want to take a shower. Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but it's a gross job, that's for sure.

The Litter-Robot completely eliminates the need to scoop a litter box and therefore the chore that no one wants to do. No need to brush up on your rock-paper-scissors statistics or invest in a hazmat suit. The sifted, clumped litter drops into a hidden waste chamber below the globe. When the Litter-Robot indicates the waste drawer is full, all you have to do is open the drawer, take out the disposable bag, and replace a new one. It's as easy as taking out the kitchen garbage.

3. You'll save up to half the money you're currently spending on litter.

The Litter-Robot's precise litter-sifting technology means you don't have to throw out the clean litter with the used litter.

Traditional litter boxes don't typically get scooped immediately, so waste clumps collect over the course of a day. The problem is that during the day, especially with multiple cats, the clumps will get broken up by subsequent uses of the litter box. When it comes time to scoop, there remains a good deal of smaller soiled chucks that don't get sifted out. This goes on day after day and the litter starts to smell and take on a darker color. When this happens, the answer for most people is to dump the whole tray of litter and start over fresh. What a waste!

The Litter-Robot only disposes soiled litter, preserving the maximal amount of clean litter each cycle, which means you'll use just a fraction of what a traditional litter box requires. That also means fewer trips to store to buy litter, saving up to half on your cat litter costs.

4. You will gain a significant amount of time that you once put towards scooping the litter box.

If you're taking ten minutes out of your day to scoop your litter box, that adds up quickly. That's more than an hour each week when you could be doing something much more enjoyable than scooping the poop. You could be sleeping in, working out, making meals, or maybe just watching one more episode with your feline friend curled up next to you. The Litter-Robot gives you that time back.

5. Get away for the long weekend—or week— without worrying about the litter box.

The Litter-Robot is automatic, so it doesn't require daily attention like traditional litter boxes. As long as your cat has food, water, and whatever other attention it requires, you won't have to task your cat-sitter with emptying the litter box (which can make it hard to find a cat-sitter in the first place).

You only have to empty the waste drawer every 7-10 days for a single cat household and about twice per week for a multiple cat household. Different cats have different usage patterns, so you'll be the best judge of how long you can leave your Litter-Robot. The point is, the Litter-Robot gives you the freedom to ignore the litter box for a few days without the fear of out-of-the-box messes.

6. You don't have to worry about your kids and other pets getting into a litter box full of cat waste.

Do you have small children that you worry about getting into a dirty litter box? Or maybe other pets? With the Litter-Robot, you'll never have to worry about your kids or dogs being exposed to cat waste again. The Litter-Robot's automatic sifting system removes waste promptly and the drawer keeps the clumps out of reach for children and other pets.

7. Litter box odor will be dramatically reduced.

The Litter-Robot's litter chamber is semi-enclosed in the globe, which is the first line in defending the spread of litter box odors throughout your home. The second and most important line of defense is the prompt cleaning cycle. Just a few minutes after your cat uses the Litter-Robot, waste clumps are deposited in a sealed drawer below the globe preventing odors from escaping. The third line of defense against litter box smell is the carbon filter in the waste drawer. It absorbs nasty smells and reduces the opportunity for mold growth—one of the most common litter box smells. Altogether, the Litter-Robot greatly reduces the spread of that unpleasant litter box smell.

8. If you have more than one cat, you will only have to deal with one litter box.

Struggling with multiple litter boxes? Throw them away! The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is great for small cats, big cats, and lots of cats! It has a large entryway and litter bed area that make it inviting and comfortable for even some of the largest breeds. More cats doesn't have to mean more work. With the Litter-Robot, your cat's waste is disposed minutes after it leaves, making it clean and agreeable for the next cat (and the next one and the next one). Just empty the waste drawer when indicated (which is as easy as taking out the garbage) and add litter as needed.

9. Less litter box buildup makes your cat happy, which makes you happy.

Cats tend to act out when they are stuck with a soiled litter box. The Litter-Robot is clean each and every time your cat uses it. That means your cat has one less reason to demonstrate disobedient behavior. Less stress for your cat will make life better for your cat and for you.

10. The Litter-Robot is an appliance-quality product that's built to last, making it the last litter box you'll ever have to buy.

The Litter-Robot is not some cheap, flimsy litter tray that you'll have to replace over and over again. Nor is it a mid-level automatic litter box that works optimally less than half the time (and forces you to buy custom, proprietary products for the life of the product).

The Litter-Robot is built with appliance-quality materials because it IS a household appliance. Just like your dishwasher or oven and range, it's built to last years and years. It comes with a full warranty, so anything that might go wrong will be fixed. After the warranty expires, AutoPets offers any part you might need to service the Litter-Robot and will either fix it at their facility or teach you how to do it yourself. Just like you'd call a repairman for your dishwasher, you can call AutoPets when your Litter-Robot is 8 years old and in need of a tune-up! Check out AutoPets' Guarantee and Warranty.