Tips To Make Your Litter Box Not Smell
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Tips To Make Your Litter Box Not Smell

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Although you might think it’s inevitable, your cat’s litter box doesn’t have to be absolutely rancid. And while you may not even notice it, the company you keep can certainly tell the difference between the smell of you making an effort and the smell of you not. So, why not try out these easy tips, courtesy of Petfinder, for your own litter box malodors.

Be Sure To Scoop The Box Daily (Or More)

Don’t be shy about scooping regularly. It will make your cat, your company and even you quite a bit happier, especially over the long haul. Keeping a litter box clean prevents already smelly items from becoming even smellier with time. Scooping at least once a day, but maybe even twice, especially if you have multiple cats sharing one box, is a great first step to alleviating some of those lingering odors that may be infiltrating your home.

Replace With Fresh Litter Twice A Week

We’re not calling you a bad scooper. Even the best of us miss some truly buried treasure. It’s just very difficult, if not impossible, to get every single grain of compromised litter. So, in efforts of keeping things as fresh as possible, it’s advised that you dump the old litter, wash thoroughly with soap and water, dry it and replace with new fresh litter twice a week. This may seem a bit frequent for you, but you’ll smell the difference. An important note here: do not wash with ammonia-based cleaners, as they can actually increase the strength of unpleasant odors.

Be Sure To Replace Your Litter Box Once A Year

In keeping with the theme of replacement, it’s also prudent to donate your cat’s litter box once a year. Not only will the charitable act spread goodness, but it will also contribute to a better smelling home for you. The reason being that over time, you cat’s claws and your scooper’s edges will create scratches and grooves across the interior of your litter box, which are much more difficult to properly sanitize in your twice weekly scrubs. So, rather than letting bad smells breed in these crevices, just donate it and get a new one every year, simple as that.

Incorporate Litter Deodorizers

Finally, another helpful little gem might be to incorporate litter deodorizers into your cat’s litter box with each scooping. Arm & Hammer makes a highly esteemed litter box deodorizer, but there are many out there, and what is most important is that you find one that you, but especially your cat, will find agreeable. If your kitty thinks it’s too strongly deodorized, it may stop using its box, so make sure to keep it mild. Other than that, it should prove quite effective in decreasing much of the smelliness.