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“This self-cleaning litter box keeps things tidy without you having to get dirty.”
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10,000+ Reviews

“Best purchase ever. Wish I hadn’t waited.”
-Jani L.
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Litter-Robot reviews

With thousands of automatic, self-cleaning litter box reviews rating Litter-Robot five stars, you'll see why cats and cat parents alike love the product. The features and benefits of our self-cleaning litter box are cited time and again in Litter-Robot reviews. For instance, cat parents love that Litter-Robot helps reduce litter box odors throughout their home.

Our customers also like to call attention to the fact that they're buying less litter now that they have a Litter-Robot that eliminates only the clumps, preserving the clean litter. And finally, you can't have automatic, self-cleaning litter box reviews without praising the freedom that comes with no longer scooping. Countless Litter-Robot reviewers have disclosed that they live in a multiple-cat household, which used to result in far too much time spent scooping the litter box. But no more! Hear from pet parents who love Litter-Robot or view our gallery page.

*Over 50,000 reviews on Litter-Robot.com. Reference date for CNET quote: Jan. 12, 2018. Reference date for Google and Facebook ratings: November 2021.