Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in our becoming a Litter-Robot Ambassador! Litter-Robot is quite the conversation piece and we know what the power of brand ambassadors can do for our business, so we want to make it your business too! We have developed a handful of programs for different types of ambassadors. Please find the one that's appropriate for you and follow the link! 



The Refer-a-Friend Program program is for anyone interested in sharing our products with their friends and, family - and it's quite simple.  All you have to do is share our website using the form below and you earn $25 when a friend or family member purchases a new Litter-Robot.  Payments are only made via PayPal. 


Social Influencers

Do your social networks or blog include hundreds or even thousands of followers? If so, our Ambassador program for Social Influencers is perfect for you! Our Social Influencer Program is a quick and easy way to leverage the buying power of your followers and earn you money. Whether it's picking ads from our well-crafted affiliate banners, or simply a link designed to look organic to your followers, you can earn money every time some clicks on your referral link and purchases from the AutoPets Family of Websites. 
You will have a dashboard that tracks your clicks, links, campaigns, and provides a variety of ads to choose from, helping to increase your revenue. It's time to start earning more money from the network you've already built!
Note: Please email once you complete the form to so we can upgrade your account to the Business Ambassador Level.


For Businesses

Publisher, vet, groomer, retail, or any other type of business that feels they can sell the Litter-Robot, sign up today to be a Business Ambassador as part of our Retail Business Program. The Business Ambassador Program is designed to make your life easy when selling or referring the Litter-Robot. We can provide POS pieces, brochures, business cards and more to help you move more units. With the Business Ambassador Program you even can setup your own URL so that you can print on takeaways, letting that customer take your referral home to earn you more money.
Each business will have its own dashboard to track success, set up new campaigns, and collaborate with our team to increase revenue. Increase your businesses revenue today and sign up for our Business Ambassador Program.


All Ambassador Programs Include:

-  Ambassador dashboard with access to sales tools and reporting
-  Trusted third-party tracking, reporting, and payment
-  Banners, graphics, and affiliate URL links for your site or social pages
-  Monthly payments via PayPal
-  30-day tracking cookie
-  Dedicated in-house affiliate manager
Please click here to view the full terms and conditions of the Litter-Robot Ambassador Program.

Thank you for your interest in the Litter-Robot Ambassador Program. Please feel free to reach out with any questions

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