10 Reasons Why You And Your Cat Will Love This All Natural Litter
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10 Reasons Why You And Your Cat Will Love This All Natural Litter

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Not all cat litter is created equal. The options and varieties are seemingly endless, leaving pet parents to ponder the importance of all natural litter, clumping vs. non-clumping, scented vs. fragrance-free, clay vs. pellets, and more without understanding what type of litter is, in fact, the best choice for their feline.

GreatLitter® is all-natural litter harvested with your cat’s comfort in mind. Studies have shown that cats tend to have strong preferences toward unscented, clay-clumping litter. Besides these qualities, let’s take a look at why both you and your cat will love GreatLitter®.

1. This all natural litter has only one ingredient.

GreatLitter® contains only one all-natural ingredient: sodium bentonite clay, dried with the power of the sun. There are no additives, no fillers, and no perfumes. You and your cat have everything you need in a litter and nothing you don’t.

2. It’s delivered to your door.

From our family-owned-and-operated ranch, GreatLitter® delivers premium clumping cat litter right to your door. Try it once, or subscribe to have it shipped to your home. The customizable plan makes it easy to keep up with your cat’s litter needs.

3. It’s low-dust.

By sun-drying our clay, preserving its soft texture, then screening it for ideal particle size, we’ve nearly eliminated that nasty cloud of dust normally associated with filling the litter box. Our litter is gentle on cats and humans alike.

4. It’s hard-clumping.

Each granule of GreatLitter® is just right: not too big and not too small. When a clump forms, the uniform granules pack together efficiently and hold tight. It’s ideal for households with multiple cats where you might not get a chance to scoop before the next cat uses the litter box.

Litterbox.com all natural litter - tiller

5. It locks in odors.

Sodium bentonite can expand to several times its dry weight as it absorbs liquids and odors. This makes GreatLitter® the most efficient at drawing up liquid and sequestering that telltale ammonia scent caused by urine degrading in the litter box.

6. It’s soft-textured.

Cats prefer the soft feel of finely textured clay-clumping litter over alternatives, which is why we take great care of our clay during processing. We screen the dried clay for that perfect granule size that’s not too fine or too coarse.

Litterbox.com all natural litter - clay

7. It’s low-tracking.

GreatLitter® is designed to stay right where you want it: in the box. Our silky-soft litter is significantly less likely to stick your cat’s paws and fur. No more tracked litterit’s a win-win for pet parents and cats.

Litterbox.com all natural litter - clean paws

8. It has no added chemicals.

There’s no need to add harsh allergenic chemicals or perfumes when you start with high-quality raw materials and process them naturally. Instead of smelling like fossil fuel residue, our sun-dried litter has a gentle earthy smell that cats are naturally attracted to.

9. It’s eco-conscious.

Sun-drying our GreatLitter® protects the clay and the environment. Compared to flash-drying, sun-drying requires only enough fossil fuel to power the tractors that turn the clay in the fields—significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Litterbox.com all natural litter - tractor

10. It’s harvested in the USA.

Better product comes from better raw material, and there’s no better place to get it than right here in the USA. Our partner's ranch is located in the geographic center of the world’s only supply of high-quality sodium bentonite clay, giving us access to superior raw material for cat litter.