11 Reasons Why This Litter Box Will Change Your Life
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11 Reasons Why This Litter Box Will Change Your Life

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Updated October 1, 2021

We all have different views on what can change your life—and while the Litter-Robot does not come with a million-dollar prize at the end, it does come with an end to scooping cat litter. For most feline parents, that is more than enough to change your daily life. After all, scooping your cat's litter box is less than appealing. Most would offload the task if they could—and with the Litter-Robot, you can do just that.

But the Litter-Robot is much more than just an automatic litter box. It can help change your life in more ways than one. 

Is an automatic litter box really worth it? 

Having a cat as your companion is more than enjoyable, even with the pitfalls of pet parenthood—like hairballs and litter boxes. But if you could eliminate one of those pesky problems, wouldn’t you? An automatic litter box means you’ll no longer be digging out your cat's poop, with your face down in the troubling odor. Many pet parents find that to be more than worth the cost. Plus, you’ll no longer have to replace the plastic litter box every so often. Many traditional litter boxes have smells that seep into the plastic, making you replace them more frequently.

Overall, an automatic litter box is worth it for your scooping sanity and your pocketbook. Still not convinced? Read on to discover the top reasons why you need a Litter-Robot—the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box.

11 reasons why you need a Litter-Robot

White cat lying in front of beige Litter-Robot and plant

Your cats need a clean litter box day in and day out. And life sometimes gets in the way of that. But with the Litter-Robot, all of the hard work is done for you. You can enjoy the following features when you purchase this automatic litter box. 

No more scooping litter

Cats like to be clean, and this includes their litter box. But scooping every day can become a hassle—and a smelly one at that. The Litter-Robot does the work for you! It goes to work after your cat exits and separates the clean litter from the soiled litter. All clumps are deposited in a waste drawer below—leaving no mess for you to clean up. Scooping will become a thing of the past!

Fewer (or no) accidents outside the box

When cats have a clean litter box, they are more apt to utilize it—and not the rest of your house. An automatic litter box helps reduce incidents of cats eliminating outside the box by keeping it tidy for every use. 

Stress-free getaways

Having to worry about who will come to clean up after your cats will no longer be a concern. With an automatic litter box, your cat’s litter box will stay clean while you’re away for a short time—and your family and friends will be thankful they don’t have to clean up poop! 

You can even add a Feeder-Robot to automate your cat's feeding schedule while you're gone. Enjoy your getaway knowing that your felines are comfortable, clean, and well-fed at home. 

No more litter box access for dogs

Siberian cat inside Litter-Robot with dog walking by

If you have a dog that likes to use the litter box as a snack buffet, the Litter-Robot is the perfect solution. The self-cleaning feature tucks your cat's deposits in a waste drawer quickly after use. Your dog will no longer have access to this less-than-desirable snack. 

Odor control

Poop stinks, and cat poop is no exception. Luckily, the Litter-Robot quickly goes to work removing your cat's waste and placing it in a carbon-filtered waste drawer. The odors will be significantly reduced, so your home will remain fresh and free from pungent smells. 

Great for multiple cats

If you have multiple cats, you know how different their personalities can be. And sometimes those personalities are so strong that they refuse to use the same litter box as their other companions in the home. The Litter-Robot is a great solution: Since it is constantly clean, territorial issues are a thing of the past! 

Cat litter savings

With the Litter-Robot’s patented sifting technology, only the clumps are removed. This ensures that your litter box is clean, but it also saves money on cat litter. You aren’t throwing away mounds of clean litter. Instead, pet parents have reported savings of up to 50% on their litter consumption annually. 

Easy to clean

The Litter-Robot is a very easy-to-use machine. And the four-part system is just as easy to clean. It consists of a base, globe, drawer, and bonnet. You can easily disassemble the Litter-Robot to deep clean with a cleaner spray or wipes, or you can simply replace the waste drawer liner as needed.  

No special accessories required

Careful consideration was given to the patented sifting process and size of the waste drawer. The result? No special consumables necessary: Use any clumping litter and any 13-gallon trash bag in your Litter-Robot.

App monitoring and control

Litter-Robot with phone app

Your Litter-Robot will be fully connected to your phone. When you download the app, you will be able to monitor not only when you need to empty the waste drawer, but also get insights into your cat's bathroom behaviors. The app provides you with pertinent information that can help indicate if your cat is going to the bathroom more frequently. 

Reduced litter tracking 

Another pesky problem with litter boxes is that the litter can get strewn about your home, which is unsightly and icky—especially when found on your countertops and pillows. 

When your cat uses a Litter-Robot, you’ll notice how much cleaner their paws are. That’s because your cat always has a fresh bed of litter. Add on a Litter Trap™ Mat and you’re extra covered from having litter tracked throughout your home. 

Do you really want to keep scooping litter?

The Litter-Robot will change your life by simplifying your litter box process. You’ll truly never have to scoop cat litter again, and you’ll have the freedom to get away while still knowing your cats will be content using a clean litter box. No more messes in the house. No more messy paws. And no more smelly odors. Sure, it isn’t a million dollars, but it’s still life-changing! 

Are automatic cat litter boxes worth it?

Automatic cat litter boxes are worth the investment. The benefits include no more scooping litter, better odor control, and reduced litter tracking throughout the rest of your house.

How often should you completely change cat litter?

If you do not have an automatic cat litter box, you should change your cat litter at least 2 times per month. You may need to change it more if you have multiple cats. With an automatic litter box, you’ll change your litter less often, only needing to add more every month or so.

How often do you empty a Litter-Robot?

Typically you will empty your Litter-Robot once every 7-10 days if you have one cat. If you have two cats, you may empty it every 3-5 days, and so on. You’ll be notified by both the Litter-Robot control panel and the app when you need to empty the waste drawer.