Orange Cat Breeds

  1. red Javanese cat

    Javanese Cat Breed Profile

    The Javanese is a color subdivision of the Balinese cat, taking after the Colorpoint Shorthair and the Siamese...
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  2. tortie cat face

    Tortoiseshell Cat: Breeds, Personality & Lifespan

    Tortie cats are seen as lucky and unique, with their female-dominated tribe of loving felines. Learn more terrific...
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  3. Turkish Van cat

    Turkish Van Cat Breed Profile

    Turkish Van cats are a highly intelligent, active, and ancient breed that loves water and enjoys being around their...
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  4. Toyger cat next to scratching post

    Toyger Cat Breed Profile

    The Toyger cat is a tiger-resembling sweetheart that wants to spend time with their humans. Learn more about these...
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  5. Somali cat with green eyes

    Somali Cat Breed Profile

    The Somali is a regal and fiercely beautiful cat breed that loves to play and spend time with their people. Learn...
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  6. brown bengal cat lying down

    Bengal Cat Colors - 6 Common to Rare Coat Colors & Patterns

    The Bengal cat is a stunning and loving friend. Discover what colors Bengals come in and which ones are officially...
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  7. Abyssinian cat looking over shoulder

    Meet the Abyssinian Cat: Abyssinian Breed Profile

    Looking for a playful, intelligent, and elegant kitty that might have been worshipped by the ancient Egyptians? Meet...
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  8. Bengal cat sitting on pink chair

    Bengal Cat Breed Profile

    The Bengal cat is an exotic-looking breed that is active, friendly, and loving with their humans. Find out how to...
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  9. Calico Cat: Types, Breeds, and Personality Traits

    Calico Cat: Types, Breeds, and Personality Traits

    All kitties are bewitching, but no one can deny the unique beauty of calico cats. These felines are so well known...
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  10. orange tabby cat kitten

    10 Orange Tabby Cat Facts

    Are orange female cats rare? Find out why there are more orange male cats than females and more of our favorite orange...
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