How To Keep Your Dog Out Of Your Cat’s Food
Your dog may have an irresistible urge to chow down on your kitty’s kibble. It’s no one’s fault, but that stuff just smells great! So, any chance your dog has to have a little forbidden snack, there’s a distinct possibility that you’re going to have a pet food crossover. Though this can be okay in
Cat Training: Tried And True Tricks
Whether it’s a matter of life or death, or you simply want to have a closer relationship with your cat, training is a great way to spend some productive quality time together. Here are some ways to create the strongest bond and the most trust between you and your cat. Reward Your Cat’s Good Behavior
Litter-Robot Tip #1: Adjusting The Cat Sensor
Have you ever found your Litter-Robot stopped in mid rotation and possibly with the red light blinking? This could be a sign that your cat sensor needs adjustment. Sometimes after adding litter or replacing litter in the globe, the total weight of the globe becomes high enough that during the rotation or even while stationary
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