How To Keep Your Dog Out Of Your Cat's Food
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How To Keep Your Dog Out Of Your Cat's Food

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Your dog may have an irresistible urge to chow down on your kitty’s kibble. It’s no one’s fault, but that stuff just smells great! So, any chance your dog has to have a little forbidden snack, there’s a distinct possibility that you’re going to have a pet food crossover. Though this can be okay in small doses, you dog really shouldn’t be eating too much cat food, as it’s not designed for a doggy’s, but rather for a kitty’s digestive system and nutritional needs. Here are some ways to keep your dog out of your cat’s food.

Feed Your Cat Like You Feed Your Dog

The practice of “free feeding,” according to Pet Advisor, will likely increase the chances of your dog getting into the cat food. Leaving the bowl of cat food just sitting there is practically asking your dog to sneak up and eat whatever’s there. Though your dog won’t be adversely affected by a little bit, regularly eating cat food can give your pooch diarrhea. So, feeding your cat like you feed your dog – one bowl of food at a time, and at specific times of day – is the surest way to make sure that there isn’t any extra cat food sitting around for your dog to devour.

Keep Your Cat’s Food Up High

Another option for keeping your dog away from your cat’s food is to perch the food bowl up high, where your dog won’t be able to get to it. It should come as no surprise that your cat is a fair bit more nimble than your dog, so even keeping your cat’s food up on a countertop or a piece of elevated cat furniture is a good way to prevent your doggie from pilfering any cat food. Of course, this method requires a good place to keep the cat food off of the ground, which might take some consideration on your part, and some getting used to on your cat’s part.