The Ultimate Kitten Supplies Checklist
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The Ultimate Kitten Supplies Checklist

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Have you decided to adopt a kitten? We’ve put together this handy checklist of kitten supplies to make sure you have everything you need when your little fur-bundle of joy arrives!

New kitten checklist: The essentials

When it comes to things you need for a kitten, start with the essentials: food, water, and litter. Buy (✓) dry and wet food that is specifically formulated for kittens, as these little guys need a lot more calories than adult cats. (✓) Food and water bowls are easy to come by—or go with an (✓) automatic pet feeder like Feeder-Robot (dry food only). You'll never miss a feeding, and you can control and monitor your kitten's feeding habits right from your phone.

✓ Litter box

kitten using Litter-Robot 4

The one not-so-fun part about having a new kitten? Taking care of the litter box. You’ll soon realize that scooping daily is quite the chore. (Find out why a clean litter box is essential to good health.) However, there is a way to skip scooping altogether: Purchase an automatic, self-cleaning litter box! Litter-Robot 4 automatically separates the kitten’s waste from the clean litter, depositing the clumps into sealed drawer below for greatly reduced odor. This self-cleaning litter box leaves a clean bed of litter for your kitty every time! Although you will have to keep Litter-Robot 4 in “semi-automatic” mode until your kitten is at least 3 pounds (or 5 pounds for Litter-Robot 3 Connect), you’ll be thanking yourself every day for never having to scoop. Stainless Steel Litter Box Stainless Steel Litter Box

If you’d rather go the more traditional litter box route, we recommend something like the Stainless Steel Litter Box. With its extra large size, it’s comfortable for both kittens and adult cats. Plus, the stainless steel design ensures that it is rust-free and won’t absorb odors and stains.

✓ Litter All-Natural Clumping Litter All-Natural Clumping Litter

For very young kittens, experts recommend using a (✓) non-clumping litter, as it is safer for them in case of accidental ingestion. As your kitten grows older, though, you’ll want to switch to a clay-clumping litter that most cats prefer. GreatLitter® is low-dust and locks in odors. It’s also soft on your cat’s paws, and much easier to scoop if you’re going with a traditional litter box.

✓ Litter mat

brown litter trap mat layer lifted to reveal litter granules pouring through Litter Trap™ Mat

Kittens are messy little creatures—in and out of the litter box. The best way to stop litter from being tracked all over your house is with a litter mat situated directly under your litter box or right in front of it.

New kitten checklist: Playtime and exercise

Okay, the boring necessities are out of the way—now on to the fun stuff! It may seem like your kitten has boundless energy, but he or she still needs plenty of exercise. Check out the playtime kitten supplies below to get started.

✓ Toys hemp toys

There’s no end to the kinds of available kitten toys. Here are just a few of our recommendations, and why: plush toys for playing and cuddling; krinkle toys to stimulate all of your kitten’s senses; sisal toys to hold up best against those sharp kitten teeth and claws; and catnip and hemp toys to up the ante.

✓ Catnip

Bengal cat standing in pile of fine ground catnip Fine Ground Catnip

Although most kittens won’t react to catnip until 3-6 months of age, you might as well start building your catnip collection early on. Catnip and Silver Vine is organic, potent, and comes in a variety of forms: buds, fine ground, flower and leaf mix, and even as a spray!

New kitten checklist: Cleaning supplies

It’s all fun and games until someone makes a big mess. Among the kitten supplies you’ll want to have on hand is a dependable cleaning agent. We recommend all-natural pet cleaners that are safe for your curious kitten to be around.

✓ Sprays & wipes Stain and Odor wipes next to a bamboo plant and mint leaves Stain + Odor Wipes carries a variety of all-natural cleaner sprays and wipes, whether you’re looking for fragrant or unscented, stain and odor removers, or simple fabric fresheners. With refreshing scents like bamboo mint, citrus vanilla, green tea, and peach, you’ll be looking for reasons to clean up after your kitten! 

New kitten checklist: Grooming tools

Luckily, cats are very good about grooming themselves—even from kittenhood. Sometimes they can use a little help from cat mom or cat dad, which is where grooming tools come into play. Make sure to have (✓) nail clippers with rounded edges on hand to trim those needle-sharp kitten claws. (Don’t use human nail clippers.)

✓ Brush

double-sided cat grooming brush Grooming Brush

Whether your kitten is short-haired or long-haired, it’s a good idea to establish a brushing routine early in his or her life. A double-sided grooming brush works great on cats with varying hair lengths, while a slicker brush is ideal for fur that can easily become tangled or matted. 

✓ Cat bath

British Shorthair cat wrapped in a white towel next to cat bath foam wash Cat Bath Foam Wash

You’ll rarely need to give your kitten or cat the much-dreaded cat bath. But if you’d like to improve the cleanliness and shine on your kitten’s coat, try Cat Bath Foam Wash. This foam wash is catnip-infused for fun and doesn’t require water—simply massage it into your kitten’s fur much like using dry shampoo on yourself.

New kitten checklist: Cozy additions

Last on our checklist of kitten supplies? Complete your kitty-friendly household with cozy cat beds and a cat tunnel! Bamboo Cat Cavern Bamboo Cat Cavern

✓ Cat beds

Give your new kitten as many spots to catnap as kittenly possible. We recommend the modern chic bamboo cat cavern or cat bungalow. Or if you know your kitten will want somewhere to burrow, try a cozy krinkle cat sac.

✓ Cat tunnel Cat Tunnel Cat Tunnel

This cat tunnel is the ultimate multipurpose tool for your kitten: He can practice sneak attacks, spy through the circular cutout, lounge inside on the soft plush fabric, or take a swing at the attached plush ball.

With this kitten supplies checklist on hand, it’s easy to make your home ready just in time for Kitten Season! 

brown tabby kitten in a beige cat bed - the ultimate kitten supplies checklist