Litter‑Robot 3 vs. Litter‑Robot 4

Litter-Robot is the leading self-cleaning litter box.
Discover which model is right for you and your cat.

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Litter-Robot 4
Litter-Robot 3 Connect
Litter-Robot 3
As low as $699
As low as $549
Black or White
Grey or Beige
Size (footprint)
22’’ x 27’’
24.25’’ x 27’’
24.25’’ x 27’’
Fully automatic, self-cleaning
Cleans litter bed after every use
Works with up to 4 cats
Odor management
Litter trapping
Enclosed waste drawer
Modular EasyClean components
Cat detection and safety with SafeCat system
WiFi-connected smart mobile app
Bathroom usage and activity dashboard
Real-time notifications
Multi-cat recognition
QuietSift® cleaning cycles
Larger capacity, tightly-sealed waste drawer
Enhanced SafeCat with OmniSense®
Self-cleaning features
Eliminates the chore of scooping
Patented sifting technology
Automatic cleaning cycles
Uses less litter
Odor management features
Sifts within minutes after use
Included carbon filter
Optional OdorTrap® pack neutralizes odors
Enclosed waste drawer
Tightly-sealed, large capacity waste drawer
Optional integrated OdorTrap® holder system
Multi-cat & cat safety features
Cleans litter bed after every use
Works for up to 4 cats with multi-cat design
Spacious for cats of all breeds & sizes
Weight-activated sensors
Advanced sensor technology and accuracy
Individual cat recognition
Thicker, more durable globe liner
Wide opening for easier entry and exit
15.75 inches
10.25 inches
10.25 inches
Litter trapping features
Step catches tracked litter
Add a LitterTrap® Mat
Upgraded fence included
Enhanced litter-sifting technology limits dust
Mobile app features
Waste drawer full alerts
Usage activity, trends and history
Real-time status updates
Customize and schedule sleep mode
Clean cycle wait time from 3, 7, or 15 minutes
Extend clean cycle wait time to 25 or 30 minutes
Real-time litter and waste levels with OmniSense®
Tailor insight with Pet Profile
Cat weight with SmartScale®
Cat weight trends over time with SmartScale®
Automatic firmware updates
Easy cleaning features
Empty button dumps all litter for easy disposal
EasyClean for convenient deep cleaning components for convenient deep cleaning
Simple disassembly and fast re-assembly
Easily removable globe
Easily removable waste drawer
Disposable waste drawer liners
Removable step mat
Simple wipe-down with Whisker Cleaner Wipes
Smart home features
Integration with Alexa (through IFTTT)
Integration with Google Home (through IFTTT)
Integration with iRobot (through IFTTT)
Connects to more than 100 smart home products
Customization features
8-hour sleep mode suspends cycling
Add a backup battery in case of power outages
Fence accessory reduces litter tracking
Ramp for gentle entry & exit
Camera Mount holds your pet camera
Waste Drawer Liner Holder stores extra liners
Custom bezel pattern or color
Additional features
Manual operation with on-unit display
Similar footprint to a large litter pan
Litter fill line
Operate in automatic mode with cats 5+ lbs.
Control Panel Lockout
Adjustable night light
Operates in automatic mode with cats 3+ lbs.
LED control panel and status indicator lights

Why upgrade to Litter‑Robot?

The problem with a traditional litter box isn’t just this unpleasant chore. It’s also the foul odors, messy litter tracking, territorial issues in a multi-cat home, and more. With Litter-Robot, self-cleaning technology automatically removes the waste for you. You only need to empty the waste drawer when it’s full.

Build your own
Litter-Robot 4
Ordinary litter box
Scooping by hand
Odor control
Smells like cat poop
One per 4 cats
One per cat
Pet monitoring
Constantly annoying

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