The ultimate litter box odor eliminator.

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The OdorTrap™ difference

Elimantes Odor

Eliminates litter box odors

OdorTrap™ destroys odors using natural chemistry.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients

No phthalates, parabens, or alcohol means it’s safe for pets (and people, too)!

Simple to Use

Simple to use

Each pod includes integrated magnets for easy placement on any litter box.

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OdorTrap collage
OdorTrap collage

How the magic happens

OdorTrap on litter box animation
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Natural plant oils attract molecules on surfaces and in the air.

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The oils seek out, attach to, and absorb stubborn odor molecules.

OdorTrap on litter box simulation
OdorTrap on litter box simulation
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Bam—litter box odors, neutralized!

Works with any litter box

Simply stick OdorTrap™ inside Litter-Robot’s waste drawer or on the side of a traditional litter box.
“I’ve been working on the science behind eliminating odors for years, and trust me, OdorTrap™ works. My kitties and I use it, too!”
Dr. Laura
OMI Industries, Chief Scientific Officer

30 years of research

OdorTrap™ utilizes Fresh Air Technology™, developed by chemists over 30 years. This technology uses a blend of natural plant oils to seek out and neutralize odor molecules with natural chemistry. OdorTrap™ is specifically formulated to eliminate litter box odors.

Say goodbye to litter box odors for good

Made with plant-based oils

Unlike typical pet odor eliminators that use harsh chemicals and fake perfumes, OdorTrap™ is free of phthalates, parabens, and alcohol. Natural plant oils attract, attach to, and destroy odor molecules.

No phthalates No parabens No alcohol

Designed in the USA

OdorTrap™ is manufactured in Indiana, tested at our headquarters in Michigan, and shipped from our assembly and fulfillment center in Wisconsin.

Eliminate litter box odors today

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