Your traditional litter box stinks

Upgrading to Litter-Robot eliminates the scooping chore from your life so you can breathe easy.

Traditional litter boxes are a relic of the past


Scooping by hand

Scooping poop is gross. Stop doing it.


Smells like cat poop

This should not be accepted in modern society.


Litter dust clouds

Dirty. Microscopic fecal particles in the air. Gag.


Constantly annoying

Think of how much time you spend scooping.

Cat sitting in old litterbox Cat sitting in old litterbox Cat sitting in old litterbox

Litter-Robot upgrades your life as a cat-parent

  • Self-cleaning

    Sifts out waste after every use so you never have to scoop again.

  • Odor control

    Clumps automatically fall into a tightly-sealed drawer, keeping odors at bay.

  • Multi-cat friendly

    One Litter-Robot is suitable for up to four cats–removing the need for multiple boxes.

  • Pet monitoring

    Track your cat’s bathroom activity for irregularities and get alerts about waste drawer levels.

The smartest litter box

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Cat in old litter box Cat exiting Litter-Robot 4

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