Litter-Robot 4 Mini Fence

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The Litter-Robot 4 Mini Fence helps contain litter while promoting kitty’s easy entry into the globe.

Keep litter inside the globe and off the floor with the Litter-Robot 4 Mini Fence. Simply snap the fence onto the bezel at the Litter-Robot 4 globe entrance.

  • Helps reduce litter tracking out of the globe
  • Easy entry and exit for kitty
  • Simple to install (no tools required)
  • Inner plastic guard helps prevent urine leaking out of the globe


  • How do I install the Litter-Robot 4 Mini Fence?

    Easy! The fence snaps onto the bezel at the globe entrance: Download the installation guide or view the installation video.
  • Why does the Litter-Robot 4 Mini Fence include an inner plastic guard?

    The inner plastic guard helps prevent urine leaking out of the globe. Please do not remove this plastic guard.

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